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Laser Solution for Invitation/Greeting Cards

Application Field

Invitation cards and greeting cards are widely demanded in the society especially during traditional festivals. Mass production of identically designed cards is also required for large events such as one’s birthdays or weddings. Argus CO2 Laser marking machine enables rapid high-integrity "printing" of design on various unconventional paper by hollowing out specific parts with Laser beam as designed. It is also environmentally more friendly than traditional printing by ink or dyes as no chemicals are used in the process. More innovative designs enabled by hollowing allows the designer to express their sense of beauty. Hollowing by Laser also conpletely avoids unnecessary foldings or any residues that are common in manual cutting. It also has advantages over traditional Laser cutting machines in this field which is slower hence leaves the edge more yellowish.

Equipment Recommended:

CO2 Dynamic Laser Marking Machine

Marking speed: ≤7000mm/s

Max marking area: 800x600mm