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CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine SCU1325


Equipment performance

1.Designed for cutting large size nonmetal materials. Configured with 130w/150W Co2 Laser Tube. Sufficient stiffness machine body with 1300*2500mm worktable.

2.Aluminum alloy crossbeam&laser head, import focus lens. Stepper motor&belt transmission, laser head height adjustable, RDCAM control system.

3.Module steel frame structure to reduce the mechanical trouble effectively.

4.Taiwan HIWIN liner guide rail, routeway feeding.

5.Patent Design is applied in the machine, easy operation with the control panel of LCD screen work normally.

6.The machine can cut the work piece smoothly and accurately by the big worktable.

7.Adopt imported USA laser optic lens. The lens of less energy loss, high reflectivity, strong focusing and durable. Optical less losses in the transmission process to avoid the problems of large attenuation of laser cutting power.


﹡High quality motion control system, Excellent precision, High speed

﹡Rigid structure, integral casting molding technology make the machine more  stable

﹡Routeway feeding design, to satisfy material of different length.

﹡Anodized aluminum strip working table

﹡Industrial constant cooling system

﹡Hydraulic protection system

﹡Air blowing protection system

﹡The device of exhaust smoke and dust

﹡Industry constant temperature water pump.


Applicable material


﹡Handcraft industry. Plywood,Marble,Density board,Gifts,Trophy, Marks, Key chains

﹡Furniture, Wood, Bamboo, MDF, Home textile, Seat Cushions, Ceramic

﹡Advertising industry, Advertising plate, Acrylic, Plastic, PVC, Signs

﹡Garment, Jeans, Leather, Chemical leather, Shoes material

﹡Decoration, Paper Board, Organic glass, Vases, Derma

﹡Model manufacturing

Technical Parameters



Cooling System

 Water Cooling System

Work Area




Laser Power

280watts combination tube


Delta Servo Motor Drive System

Idle Speed


of Repeated Orientation


Transmission Way

Servo motor& Ball screw Transmission


Available 300

Computer Interface

Standard Printer Port and USD Port

Memory Buffer

128 M

Display Panel

 LCD Panel showing current file name, total working time, laser power, cutting time, file(s) loaded in the memory buffer, setup and menus


Huff Protection, Hydraulic Pressure Protection


Aluminum Bar strip worktable

 Formats Support

PLT, BMP, DXF, DST, T100, etc



Air Exhaust System

Pipes, Connections and Exhaust Fan (Included)

Water Chiller


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