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Easy To Tear Line Film Use Laser Cutting Marking Machine

  • SCM30 - 5/SCM55-5

Machine Structure

Improve product quality, enhance the competitive advantage for customers to create value! We tore the new flexible packaging revoivtion.

Technical Parameters

Laser Power
Max Working Area
Laser Mode
CO2  R.F. metal laser tube imported from the USA
Marking Speed
Online flying easy tearing line marking speed 280-300m/min(Adjustable)
Repeat LocationAccuracy
High Precision Sensor
RGB sensor (imported from Japan) detecting response time 200μs ,Chinese made analog encoder
Power Supply
AC 220V-380V/50Hz-60Hz (1.5~2.0KW)



Application Materials

OPP, plastic, aluminum foil, anti-static / shielding bags, vacuum bags, aluminum foil mask,

25KG plastic particle paper aluminum-plastic composite bags, microporous grain vacuum bags, building materials bags, moisture-proof bags, sealing film,

Professional easy to tear laser production.



System Functions

The system can be on-line with your company specified rewinder or slitter line, adjust the optical lens to focus the laser into a diameter of about 0.1mm spot on the moving film surface, the use of rewinder, Slitter unwinding, correction, Winding and other functions, so as to achieve in the packaging film cutting, easy to tear the formation of easy to tear line.


The system can control the cutting depth by adjusting the output power. It can cut at the speed of 0 ~ 120m / min to cut off the outer layers of the packaging film such as PET, PE and nylon, and keep the barrier material of aluminum and PE. Easy to tear line, without damaging the barrier effect of the bag.Through the adjustment can be cut out dotted line, dotted line, straight line and other different lines of easy to tear line, the formation of different from other products, shape features, with a certain anti-counterfeiting effect.

Why use Laser Perforation instead of  Mechanical Gear Punching ?

Laser perforation advantage

1) Using fast laser perforating, holes are protective due to the round shape burning melt, not easy break.

2) High-speed detection, uniform hole size, adjustable hole spacing, any direction.

3) continuous high-speed (50-280m/min) operation, low failure rate.

Packaging Details
Standard Crate for export.Whole machine will be covered with film before packing.


Q1. Why choose Argus?
A:We don't just sell machines, we provide solutions&support.
Once you get your goods from Argus?, that means you will use the machine to reduce the cost and gain your benefits,
We'll offer training for your engineer, you will get the reliable quality assurance, swift and professional after-sale service
We treat our clients as friends, any demand, we'll do our best to offer the satisfied solutions.

Q2.How about the maintenance cost?
A: Firstly, once you choose our products, we'll offer you 1 year warranty, and 10 months warranty for Glass Laser Tube, specially,
if you bought the machine which configured with RF Metal Laser Tube, we'll offer you 2 years warranty. During the warranty period,
if there is any broke or damage of the machine, our engineer will help you to solve the problem with in 24 hours, we could also
send the new components to you by DHL, for free.

Second, for our machine, the Glass Laser Tube is the only consumption component, we adopt the top brand, EFR laser tube, lifespan
is more than 10000hrs, when the gas in the tube is been used out, just contact us, we'll offer you a new laser tube with
preferential price.


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