Wuhan Sunic Photoelectricity Equipment Manufacture CO., LTD, located at Eastern Lake high-tech district(Optics Valley), is a high technology innovation enterprise recognized by the Chinese government. It is authorized by the government to be in charge of the "863 Project" with privilege in importing and exporting. The company is dedicated to the R&D, production, selling and service in Laser processing equipment and solar energy equipment sets.It provides the customers with complete practical solutions in this field. Today, Sunic is China's leading professional photoelectricity equipment manufacturer  in Laser processing equipment with the most complete product line, widest application.

In 2005, the newly found company has filled the blank of solar Laser scribing machine in the Chinese market with its YAG series which became the assigned product of the foreign aiding project of National Foreign Trading Committee. It replaced the imported counterparts and occupied the leading position in the domestic market while being competitive world-wide. It was the product that terminated the reliance of importing in Laser scribing machine of China. Its end-surface pump Laser of infra-red(1064nm), green(532nm) and ultra-violet(355nm) met internationally recognized standards. Meanwhile, the company had acquired recognitions by CE, IS09001 quality control system, National Laboratory Electromagnetic Compatibility and 3A. It is the holder of more than 10 national  patents and two province level Prize of Advances in Technology.

Sunic's company moral is "Focus on industry, focus on products." The company's has more  than 30 various products:

- non crystalline silicon cell production equipment series;

- crystalline silicon cell packaging equipment series:

- Laser scribing machines, automatic welding machine series, automatic typesetting machine, cell selector, component tester, EL defect detector;

- dynamic CO2 Laser marking machines, Laser light guide plate RBI machine, fiber Laser marking machine, semi-conductor Laser marking machine, green/UV Laser marking machine;

- Laser engraving machine, Laser cutting machine, Laser film cutting machine;

- infrared Lasers, ultraviolet Laser, green Laser;

- Laser trimming machine, ceramic laser scribing machines,

They are widely used in solar energy, electronics, lamps, leather products, clothing, advertising, crafts, vehicles, metal products, tools, measuring tools, cutting tools, plumbing ware, food and medicine, medical equipment, printing and engraving, packaging, decoration and other fields.

Sunic has more than 40 agents and offices in various cities of China. Its products are supplied to both domestic market as well as the USA, UK, Australia Japan, South Korea, India, South Africa, Dubai, Chile, Pakistan, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Poland, Syria, Sudan, Bolivia, Ecuador, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

In addition, our company has wide collaborations with domestic and foreign research centers. We have a strong team of engineers and professionals dedicated to applications of Laser and solar energy industry which allows us to be always stand as the pioneer in this field. We deem "developing Laser industry and revitalizing national industry" our responsibility. The philosophy of our company is "Thriving for client oriented win-win situation." The guideline that we keep is "Stay professional, stay practical." We sincerely offer our clients with practical solutions and services to their fulfill their needs while promoting an image of Chinese company with great integrity.

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