LGP laser dotting machine SCM1219 for Russian customer is professional to produce high quality LGP and helpful for customer to improve production efficiency. Our engineer went to Russia to install LGP laser machine SCM1219 for our customers, their satisfaction is our greatest honor!

engineer install lgp laser machine scm1219 in russiaengineer install lgp laser machine scm1219 in russia
I. Laser dotting machine SCM1219 profile
        With the more and more extensive application of light guide plate in various industries, the production technology of light guide plate is also constantly improving. Laser equipment has become a huge driving force for the development of light guide plate industry. Sunic Laser is a domestic enterprise specializing in the production of laser dot processing equipment for light guide plate. Sunic Laser has been working hard to promote the development of various industries, through independent research and development, technological innovation, to improve the competitiveness of the industry. According to the characteristics of the light guide plate, Sunic Laer successfully developed laser dotting machine SCM1219 suitable for many kinds of materials, and equipped with professional software for making the light guide plate. Laser dotting machine SCM1219 for Russian is satisfied customer.

II. Technical Parameter

Laser Tube: Coherent R.F. Metal Laser Tube from the U.S.
Laser Output Power: 180~190W
Dotting Way: Linear motor type
Optical System: II&VI from the U.S.
Max Working Area: 1200mm x 1900mm
Applicable Material: Cast acrylic, extrusion acrylic, PS
Applicable Thickness: ≥1.5 mm

III. Application Fields

★ LED panel light:300×300×3mm;600×600×3mm;300×1200×3mm;600×1200×3mm
★ TV Backlight: For 85inch, it can be customized according to customers’needs.

★ Notebook Monitor:It’s available for 19—25inch

IV. Applicable Materials

Cast acrylic, extrusion acrylic, PS;
Laser dotting machine SCM1219LGP Samples display