Project Description

  • Exchange enclosed fiber laser metal cutting machine

Enclosed Exchange Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine For metal sheet

1. Enclosed Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine Description

It is  widely used for carbon steel ,stainless steel ,aluminum and other metal materials  cutting and forming ,with high speed ,high precision,high efficiency,cost effective and energy saving,it is the first choice of the metal  processing industry

Suitable for process stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, galvanized steel plain sheet, Ni-Ti alloy, inconel alloy, titanium alloy etc. It is widely applied in industries like: aerosapce, car, boat, mechnical manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, advertising manufacture, home appliance manufacturing, medical appliance, hardware, decoration, external metal processing service etc.

2.Enclosed Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine  Optional configuration

Rotary device, Up&down wortable, automatic focusing system

3.Enclosed Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine Main Features:
1)Good beam quality: smaller focus beam, cutting lines is more neat, which can improve working efficiency;
2)High Cutting Speed: Its speed is twice faster than CO2 laser cutting machine with the same power;
3)High Stability: Adopt Top brand imported fiber laser source, its performance is quite stable, the life span of main component can reach 100,000hrs;
4)High Electricity and light transfer efficiency: the electricity and light transfer efficiency is 3 times higher than fiber laser cutting machine, it is more energy saving and environmental friendly;
5)Low cost: the energy consumed is only 20~30% of CO2 laser cutting machine at the same type;
6)Low maintenance cost: no need fill gas, fiber transfer, no need reflective lens, which can save a lot of maintenance cost;
7)Convenient operation and maintenance: fiber transfer, no need adjust light route;

Enclosed Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine Technical Parameters