Project Description

  • Ultra-slim Light Box LGP Laser Dotting Machine

Ultra-slim Light Box LGP Laser Dotting Machine-SCM1600L

What can SCM-1600L do?

This model is designed especially for large size Light Guide Plate(LGP) laser dotting automatically, which is widely used in advertising led ultra slim lightbox and led panel light.

What are the features of SCM-1600L?

      Size: 1600mm width and unlimited length working area, suitable for large size LGP making.

     Automation: Using automatic belt worktable with Synchronous Transmission System can match with automatic production line. Moreover, laser power is more stable when it is in single axis movement, and power uniformity in each corner is much better than that of traditional LGP laser dotting machine.

     Quality: Using imported Coherent metal R.F. laser tube & CTI scanner for long lifespan. Laser energy is distributed uniformly in the working area, its repeated working accuracy keeps stable after long time continuous working.

     Effiency: With Sunic powerful independent developed software and laser calculation mode, the dotting speed can increase 50%. For an example of 1.2×2.4m size LGP, laser processing time is around 6 mins, 3mm raw material cost around 600 RMB, after laser dotting it can be sold to 2000 RMB, that means 6 mins’ gross profit≈1400 RMB. High ROI.

     User-friendly: Automatic generation of dots speed according to different size requirement with Sunic Software.

     Eco-friendly: No ink pollution, no poison materials.

Technical Parameters

Max.Marking AreaWidth 1600mm * Unlimited Length
Laser output power250W
Marking Speed≤10000mm/s
Power Consumption≤ 7 kWh
Worktable1.6m width Automatic Conveyor belt
Laser Source                 Coherent CO2 metal R.F. Laser Tube
Laser Source Lifespan20,000 hours (laser gas can be refilled)
Laser Wavelength10.64μm
Laser Frequency1kHz~100kHz
        ScannerCTI America
Repetition Precision0.01mm
Min.Letter Size0.3mm
System SupportWIN 7/WIN 8
Spot Quality<1.2 M2
Control Software Powerful Sunic independent developed software, automatic generation

of dots distribution, special laser calculation mode, high dotting speed

Power Supply110V~380V/50Hz~60Hz
Cooling WayCirculation of Water Cooling