Project Description


Fully automatic PCB laser marking machine is professional for engraving one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, text, symbol or graph on PCB surface by laser. It’s a fully automatic laser marking system consist of the laser marking system, XY precision movement platform, CCD positioning and reading system. So it is very suitable for PCB, semiconductor LCD, semiconductor chip in SMT production to mark content on the surface of objects, the system can complete automatic feeding, accurate positioning, laser marking, inspection and reading, automatic discharge and other functions.

  • Servo XY motion platform, industrial PC control, modular flexible programming design.
  • The standard green light laser (other laser is optional) ,minimum of 1.6mmx1.6mm up to 16 characters of the qr codecan be engraved.
  • Coaxial CCD technology, precise positioning, and read and identify two-dimensional code level (adapt to AIM DPM, AS9132 and other standards).
  • Tricolor light source: The white color can adjustlight source, easy to read different colors of the engraving board logo.
  • The belt is 900±30mm away from the ground and can connect SMT The direction of feeding and discharging movement can be chosen.
  • Standard SMEMA interface and network communication function, can communicate with upstream and downstream equipment and server;
  • In order to ensure clean and healthy,the dust filter device can effectively remove the dust generated during
  • Active anti-stay, software automatic detection and prevent wrong, missed;
  • In order toprevent defective products, all doors can’t be opened during working.
  • The traditional labeling capacity is low, tag is easy to fall off, not durable, high total.

Compared with traditional production, the advantages  

  • Traditional labeling, low productivity, easy to fall off, instability,high cost.

Traditional ink printing, low accuracy, poor effect, instability, not environmental-friendly , high investment for maintaining.

  • Emerging laser marking technology, mark clearly ,permanent ,efficiently, most important it is environmental protection, no consumables, low input and high return, so it is replacing traditional printing step by step.The high technology green laser occupy the PCB laser, because of it mark on the PCB board has high differentiate.
  • It’smainstream of marking the PCB


Laser Power5W
Laser wavelength532nm
Average Power Stability<3% more than10H
Beam-Divergence Angle<3mrad
Standard Engraving Range100*100mm optional
Engraving Speed≤3000mm/s
Minimum Linewidth0.02mm
CameraHigh speed camera,200W CCD
Light SourceWhite Light
Power220V±22V / 50Hz / 10A
Cooling SystemAir Cooling
Air Pressure0.4—0.6Mp
Environmental Relative Humidity<80%RH None Dew And Ice
Work Place Temperature15-32℃
PCB Size65*65mm—280*300mm
PCB Thickness0.6—5mm
PCB Degree Of Warping+/-1mm
XYZ Platform Movement Accuracy+/-0.01
Grinding RodHigh Precision Grinding Rod
Consumed PowerAC220V/2000W
Equipment Size930mm*1650mm*1600mm
Equipment Weight600KG
Mark FunctionOne Dimensional Code、QR Code、LOGO、Vector graph
Skip Code FunctionAutomatically Create Skip Code
Record FunctionAutomatically generate statistical analysis SPC and data report
Check Information LinksManual import of laser information and automatic call

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