Project Description

  • Resistance Laser Trimming Machine
  1.  Laser System

Advantage: Compact Structure, Air Cooling, High Efficiency and Reliability

“Light knife” can realize the cutting of resistors, and can be used to cut the thick or thin-film circuit resistance. The machine adopts fiber lasers which are originally imported and be advanced in the world today. And the incision has excellent quality.

  1. Laser Position System

It is used to realize the controlling of the laser positioning and  trajectory. Control the beams at the position in the X and Y directions. Shorten the time of locating, repairing and adjusting. It has high efficiency, high speed and high precision.

  1. CCD Image Surveillance System

CCD image surveillance system:Adopt magnification lens and high resolution CCD imaging system. It can quickly find target and high magnification, realize fast, accurate positioning, and can real-time observe the whole process of laser trimming.

  1. Step-repeated Mechanical Motion Platform

Using precision screw and double linear guide system,which special in high speed and high precision. Enable easy loading and unloading, and high speed repeat trimming multiple circuit units. Greatly increased productivity.

  1. Resistance Measurement System

With a multi-channel high precision constant Current source, it can adapt to varieties of laser trimming models. That are designed to meet the needs of wide range of areas.Resistance measurements are generally made using the following probe board for the measurement of a dedicated probe. The measuring system can be automatically calibrated by the external standard resistance board. Optional GPIB interface for external instrument control or measurement.

Electronic module function modification is generally designed to provide special probes for the measurement of product characteristics.

  1. Laser Focus System

The focal length of the laser is directly controlled by the computer,It can automatically focus by setting the zero point of the focal length and the thickness of the workpiece.This function can realize the trimming of different thick film resistor products,which improve the application range of laser trimming and efficiency.

  1. Probe Movement

The movement of the probe controlled by the high-speed motor, the distance of the movement can be set to any value. And it can be programmed-controlled.

  1. Software System
  • The powerful applications base on Windows platform
  • With powerful software programming function, can be geared to the needs of the functional trimming in various areas, easy to meet customer’s special requirement.
  • The standard resistance database store, The whole processing is documented and traceable.
  • With trimming statistic and error alarm function. Nonconforming products in the software has a bright red prompt function, and it can be done in the designated location of laser marking to avoid unqualified products into the next process.
  • Bit coordinates can be obtained through the image, easy to operate, and improving the positioning accuracy of the product.
  • The target resistance or voltage display can be set up to facilitate the realization of partial pressure measurement after the actual resistance or voltage value.
  • According to the software programming, the condition judgment can be realized, and the cutting of the resistance of the corresponding target can be realized.
  1. Trimming Methods

The machine is capable with various trimming methods, besides the standard ways of Plunge trimming, L trimming, U trimming and etc, also can be customized according to customer’s requirement. Such as Symmetrical and scanning trimming.

Plunge Trimming: For square thick film resistors, high speed, normal precision;

Double Plunge: For square thick film resistors, high precision;

L Trimming: For rectangular thick film resistor trimming, high precision;

U Trimming: For power output trimming of thick film resistors, general precision

Double U Trimming: Specially designed for customized thick film resistors;

Serpentine Trimming: multiply combination by arbitrarily trimming mode ;