Project Description

  • laser cutting machine for metal tube cutter

Sheet Metal Fiber laser cutting machine With Ultra-Large Formate Worktable

1. Ultra-Large Formate Worktable Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Introduction:

sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine is mainly used for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel,aluminum alloy, titanium alloy,galvanized plate, copper and other metal materials.Widely used in sheet metal processing, electronic chassis, medical equipment,kitchenware, gifts, fitness equipment, decoration, advertising, metal processing and other manufacturing and processing industries.

2.Ultra-Large Formate Worktable Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Applicable Industries:

sheet metal  fiber laser  cutting machine Applied in sheet metal processing, aerospace, spaceflight, electronics, electrical appliances, subway parts, gas,automobile,machinery, precision components, ships, metallurgical equipment, elevator, household appliances, medical sports ,education,lighting ,hardware,envronmental protection,gifts and crafts, tool processing, adornment, advertising, metal foreign processing various manufacturing processing industries.

3.Metal Plate Fiber Laser cutting Machine     technical parameters:

Laser Power                                                              1000w-4000w

Laser source                                                         IPG/RAYCUS/JPT

Processing Width(length*width)                           3000mm*1500mm(customerized)

Maximum Acceleration                                          1.0G

Total Weight                                                            12t-17t

Repeatability                                                          ±0.03mm/m

Appearance Size                                                     14800*3500*850mm(related to the processing materials)

Transmission                                                         Gear rack transmission (helical type)

Laser beam quality                                               ≥3.5mm*mrad

Idle speed                                                              80m/min

Cutting head                                                         Autofocus metal cutting head

Diver and Motor                                                  AC Servo Motor

CNC System                                                         CYPCUT

Power Supply                                                      AC380V±10%,50Hz

Environment Temperature Requirement     15-45℃

Humidity requirements                                   10%-80%

4.Equipment Composition

mainly consist of the laser part (including laser power supply, laser indicating system,

optical system and refrigeration system), laser cutting head, CNC gantry table,

iuycontrol system and cutting software, coaxial auxiliary gas system, machine tools

accessories, etc.

5. Laser indicating system: the fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with a red

collimating device, which can help the operator to calibrate the laser cutting head at any

position on the plate.

6. Optical path system: adopt optical fiber transmission, flexible processing, no need to

adjust the optical path, no maintenance.

7. Water chilling system: adopting the special laser water chiller, through the refrigerant

control circuit, high precision temperature controller control and display water temperature,

water temperature control of plus or minus 0.3 ℃, full-automatic operation, high efficiency,

low noise, the host uses the scroll compressor, refrigeration and stable performance and low

run efficiently, heat exchanger, titanium heat exchanger has the compact structure, in high

thermal efficiency, corrosion resistance and other advantages, had no effect on the water

system, the external sheet metal parts are all made of electrostatic spraying, the internal

water tank and pipe is made of stainless steel plate production, It can prevent the

appearance of rust and use pure water or deionized water to improve the efficiency and life of

laser and other equipment

8. Fiber laser cutting head:

1) Adopt German Bescut fiber laser special cutting head.

2) Focal distance of the focus lens: f=100mm. Coaxial oxygen combustion assisted

cutting is adopted to ensure the cutting quality.

3) Focusing lens cylinder, cutting head with automatic calibration, automatic focus

function, users can adjust and change different materials, different thickness plate at any

time, greatly improve the work efficiency.

4) The cutting head adopts a flexible design scheme, which has a fast anti-collision

protection function and a flexible automatic reset function, which can automatically stop

cutting and flexibly deviate and reset when accidental collision occurs, and can

automatically return to the original cutting point when cutting continues, so that the whole

cutting work is not affected.

9. CNC workbench:

The machine consists of base, table, beam, slide seat, slide pillow, pneumatic, slag

discharge, dust extraction, support plate and other system components. The machine bed

designed by dynamic design principle and variable quantization technique of finite element

method has excellent dynamic and static characteristics. The structure of the base of the

machine is made of high quality welded steel plate, the second aging treatment (annealing) is

strictly implemented according to the international standards for machine tools, and the

one-time precision machining and molding of large planer milling machine. These design and

processing methods ensure that the machine has excellent shock resistance, high rigidity

and stability.

10.Beam (Gantry)

Special steel customized, light weight, small inertia, strong rigidity, good shock absorption.

After special treatment, according to the international standard strict implementation

(quenching) after the second aging treatment by precision machining. Because the weight of

the moving part is small, it has the characteristics of small inertia, high running speed and

high machining accuracy. The beam is installed on the supporting guide rail of the bed, and

the guide rail is equipped with a guide rail and a flat guide rail.

11.Transmission system

The fiber laser cutting machine adopts 6H grade gear rack (helical gear type) and 6H

grade linear guide rail, which can effectively increase the gear rack biting surface moves

faster and more smoothly, maintaining long-term stable precision in high-speed operation

fiber laser cutting machine for metal stainless sheet cutter