1.Equipment PerformanceSYC/SFC series laser cutting machine adopts Germany technology YAG laser (Or Fiber laser), spot fiexed, two-demensional table, X-Y worktable used exclusively by cutting, or X axis servo (straight line) motor drive, through a dedicated-user-friendly control software for editing and revise of the cutting, path.Fast cutting speed, high precision, good effect, compatible well with AutoCAD, Coredraw and other professional cutting softwares. Free modification with processing to obtain perfect cutting outcomes, no need the processing of traditional stamping dies. The advantages of narrow cutting slit, saving raw material, and reduction of produce cost have controbuted a lot to the world industries.2, Applicable fields&materials1) Hardware, high precision cutting, instrument, medical appliance, glasses and horologe, handicraft, the spare parts of automobiles, Instrument and meter and other related industries2) Furniture, Advertising, Garment, Decoration, Model manufacturing, Clothing industries3)Acrylic, wood plank, double color plate, organic glass, plastic, metal, marble, leather, fabric, rubber and etc.3, Optional configurationRotary device, Up&down wortable, automatic focusing system