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CO2 Dynamic Laser Marking Machine

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CO2 Dynamic Laser Marking Machine

 CO2 Dynamic Laser Marking Machine

Paper hollower art has a long history and is very expressive in traditional Chinese art. Paper hollower can bring the decorative effect that has dimensional feeling extremely for arts and crafts design. With the development of laser industry, hollowing elements integration of laser technology, outline a variety of hollowing crafts full of unique effects, making the whole world more beautiful!

The paper hollower of Sunic Laser, is to use the high energy density characteristics of laser, projected to the surface of the material, the material vaporization, and produce a clear shape on the surface of the material processing technology.Now we mainly use CO2 dynamic marking machine SCM2000.

Today, you can view these beautiful paper hollower crafts of Wuhan Sunic Laser!


When traditional culture and modern technology collide, it enriches the art world of paper carving.The hollowed-out invitations and sugar boxes on the wedding are more unique and intentional, the hollowed-out bookmarks in the fragrance of books arouse our interest in reading, and the hollowed-out cup holders in the cake shop increase our appetite.

Paper laser hollower of Wuhan Sunic laser is non-contact processing, no direct impact on the workpiece, so no mechanical deformation and mold loss, suitable for paper processing. Laser Marking Machine For Cutting Paper Card can bring a sense of visual stereo. A small piece of paper, under the action of laser hollowing machine has infinite possibilities.



Paper laser hollower of Wuhan Sunic laser is one of the important applications of laser processing.


CO2 dynamic laser marking machine for cutting paper used in hollowed-out greeting cards, books, business cards, wedding invitations, etc.


Compared to hand cutting and knife cutting, a number of advantages in the Laser printing machine for cutting paper card, more adapt to the trend of paper products production technology, and give paper products higher artistic value.


Paper laser hollower of Wuhan Sunic brings a very creative decorative effect for arts and crafts design.

Every piece of work can be seen as a painting from any Angle.


Paper laser hollower technology of Wuhan Sunic is a form of techonlogy expression, and also is a method of artistic transmission.

Dynamic co2 laser marking for you to create a variety of arts and crafts, applied to wood, cloth, leather and other materials, collection of learning, home, office, gifts, decoration and other purposes.


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