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Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Argus Laser provide various Metal Laser Cutting machine like CNC Fiber laser cutting machines for metal plate and tubes, such as Full Enclosed Metal Sheet Cutter, Open Metal Laser Cutting machine, Tube Laser Cutting machine, Plate and Tube Cutting machine and High Precise Fiber Laser Cutters.

Argus metal laser cutting machine features

Fiber laser cutting machine is designed for Metal fabrication, including Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Alloy, Brass, Copper, Iron with different powers (1000W---12000W). Cut easily and precisely, high cutting speed, high stable running, excellent beam quality, flexible light guide effect, easy operation/maintenance, low electric power consumption with the metal fiber cutting machine.

Argus metal laser cutting machine application

Metal laser cutting machine can produce complex geometry on metal sheet and tube ends,including Aerospace,Shipbuilding Industry,Bridge construction,Automobile Manufacture,Medical,Agricultural machinery,Panel beating,Fitness equipment and so on. Using the fiber laser cutting is much faster, cleaner, and cheaper than using traditional tools.

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