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How Mopa Fiber Laser Engrave Deeply

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How Mopa Fiber Laser Engrave Deeply

How Mopa Fiber Laser Engrave Deeply

1. Laser Deep Engraving Market

Laser deep engraving is a common laser processing application, compared with traditional methods, laser deep engraving has no pollution, high precision, flexible engraving content, can meet the complex engraving process and other advantages, in recent years, the country is paying more and more attention to environmental protection, the traditional corrosion process will also be gradually replaced, laser deep engraving market has a broad prospect.

2. Effect of pulse width on deep laser engraving

At present, laser deep engraving is mainly used in mould engraving, wheel engraving, car VIN code, relief artwork, steel marking, gas tank marking, jewellery and other products, engraving materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, high strength steel and so on. What are the factors that affect the depth of deep engraving of these materials and the roughness of the base pattern? Laser power, beam quality, pulse width, light frequency, filling density, and processing speed and so on. This paper focuses on the effect of pulse width on deep engraving.

Take stainless steel as an example, test the impact of pulse width on deep engraving, when other parameters are certain, pulse width increases, the depth of deep engraving will also increase, when the pulse width reaches 350ns, the engraving depth is maximum. This is because the pulse width increases to ensure that the peak damage to the material damage threshold, the pulse action time is long to remove high efficiency, but the quality of the underlying pattern is not necessarily guaranteed.


                                                (Lasers on the market tested)


large pulse width, high efficiency Rough underlay                     small pulse width, low efficiency  Fine underlay

The analysis of the above data shows that different pulse widths have different effects on the deep engraving effect. In practice, it is necessary to choose the right parameters to take into account the efficiency and effect of deep engraving according to the demand for deep engraving.

3. Deep engraving laser preferred by Wuhan Sunic Laser

In response to the diversification of engraving needs in the market, Wuhan Sunic Laser has launched the MOPA pulse laser after special pulse modulation means, many experimental tests and parameter optimization, with adjustable pulse width of 150ns~300ns, which has significant advantages in deep metal engraving.

Engineers use 100W laser for stainless steel, brass, aluminum 3 different metal materials to test the impact of pulse waveform on deep engraving, the test results are as follows.

The analysis from the graph shows that the pulse width increases, the engraving depth increases, while the undercutting effect is consistent; in addition, different material properties have different effects on the deep engraving effect, aluminium has the lowest melting point, so the deep engraving efficiency is the fastest under the same conditions.

                                     Aluminium deep engraving

                                        Copper deep carving

                              Stainless steel deep engraving

The current market demand for engraving is diversified, the hardware industry pursues the depth of engraving, and the electronic device and precious metal industry focuses on fine shading. The parameters of Wuhan Sunic Laser 100W MOPA pulsed laser are adjustable, which can meet the engraving efficiency and ensure fine shading. In the highly competitive engraving market, Wuhan Sunic Laser will continue to upgrade its products to provide more choices for the majority of users.


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