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Knowledge of handheld laser welding machine

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Knowledge of handheld laser welding machine

Knowledge of handheld laser welding machine

Handheld laser welding machine is new but reliable welder ,it hasa very popular laser welding machine in recent years, it has won a lot of demand for small and convenient characteristics.


Handheld laser welding machine to perform the equipment of this system, first of all, we need to understand what is handheld laser welding machine? Laser beam in 1960 using our students flash bulbs can effectively stimulate the generation of ruby grains, due to the limited thermal capacity of the crystal, can only be continuously developed to produce a very short pulse beam and the frequency control requirements are very low. Although it can respond instantaneously with a peak energy of up to 106 watts, it is still a low energy cultural output.

The laser information technology of handheld laser welding machine is to use different polarizers to reflect the laser beam that can be generated. The beam is concentrated in the focusing system device to produce a huge energy beam. If a focus is close to the workpiece, the workpiece material will melt and evaporate in a few milliseconds. This effect can be used in the welding process of high power CO2 laser and high power YAG laser, which opens up a new field of laser welding. The key of laser welding equipment is the high-power laser, there are two types, one is the solid-state laser, also known as the laser. Nd(neodymium) is a rare earth group of cultural elements, YAG stands for yttrium aluminum garnet, the crystal internal structure is similar to ruby. The laser wavelength is 1.06μm. The main technical advantage of Nd:YAG laser is that the resulting beam can be transmitted simultaneously through the use of optical fiber, so we can save the complex beam transmission information system, suitable for flexible manufacturing management systems or remote processing. It is usually used for welding workpiece with high precision requirements. Lasers with an output power of 3-4 kW are commonly used in the automotive industry.


Compared with other traditional welding technologies, handheld laser welding machine technology has the following main advantages :

1.High speed, large depth, small deformation.

2.It can be welded at normal temperature or under special economic conditions, and the welding technology and equipment can be simple. Laser technology, for example, analyzes electromagnetic fields without diverting the beam; Laser welding can be carried out in vacuum, air and certain gas protected environments, either with glass or with materials transparent to the beam.

3.Welding titanium, refractory materials such as time. Can weld dissimilar materials, good effect.

4.High power electron density after laser focusing. When welding high-power devices, the ratio of height to width can reach 5:1. The height can reach 10:1.

5.When the laser beam is focused, it produces a very small spot of light that can be precisely positioned. It can be used for assembly and welding of small workpiece in mass automatic production.

6.The inaccessible part can be welded to achieve non-contact long-distance welding with great flexibility. Especially in recent years, laser processing technology using optical fiber transmission technology, laser welding technology has been more widely promoted and applied.

7.The laser beam is easy to divide the beam according to time and space, and can be used for multi-beam processing and multi-station production processing, providing conditions for more accurate welding technology.

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