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Working principle of cleaning machine

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Working principle of cleaning machine

By using the characteristics of laser beam with large energy density, controllable direction and strong convergence ability, laser cleaning destroies the bonding force between pollutants and the substrate or the pollutants are directly gasified to decontaminate and reduce pollutants and reduce bonding strength with the substrate, and then achieving the effect of cleaning the surface of the workpiece. The schematic diagram of laser cleaning is shown in Fig.



 When the pollutants on the surface of the workpiece absorb the energy of the laser, they rapidly vaporize or expand instantaneously after being heated to overcome the force between the pollutants and the surface of the substrate. Due to the increase in the thermal energy, the pollutant particles vibrate and fall off the surface of the substrate.

The entire laser cleaning process is roughly divided into four stages, namely, laser gas decomposition, laser stripping, thermal expansion of the contaminant particles, the substrate surface vibration and contaminants detachment. Of course, when applying laser cleaning technology, we should also pay attention to the laser cleaning threshold of the object, and select the appropriate laser wavelength to achieve the best cleaning effect. Laser cleaning can change the grain structure and orientation of the substrate surface without damaging the substrate surface, and can also control the surface roughness of the substrate, thereby enhancing the comprehensive performance of the substrate surface

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