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Laser Welding Machine Common Use Problem Solving

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Laser Welding Machine Common Use Problem Solving

1. The protective lens of laser welding machine is always burned, how to solve?

Some of our customers and friends feedback that the protective lens of laser welding machine sometimes burns out, and would like to ask what causes it? How to deal with it?

In fact, the laser welding machine protection lens itself is a consumable, so it needs to be replaced regularly, but due to the impact of the process / practice / settings and so on, resulting in anti slag leading to damage, very individual for the laser out of light abnormalities and other factors are also prone to laser welding machine equipment in use protection lens is burned.

So in order to eliminate the improper use of laser welding machine equipment and thus cause the protective lens is often burned, we can extend the life of the laser welding machine protective lens from the following aspects.

First consider whether the auxiliary gas we blow is pure. Whether the pressure is in line with the standard. If the blowing is air need to check the quality of compressed air.

Then it is necessary to check whether the optical path is shifted during the emission of the laser, and whether other lenses are damaged during the operation.

Then you need to check whether the applicable nozzle aperture is too large.

Finally, the software should be checked to see if the timing of the perforation-blowing sequence is reasonable.

2. When the laser welding machine is working, what is wrong with the wire not coming out?

A. As the longer the wire feed tube, resulting in greater resistance, so we try to choose a shorter wire feed tube, such as 0.8 wire can match the 3M wire feed tube. And try to straighten the wire feed tube when welding, pay attention not to distort. In addition, in the plugging of the wire outlet, the wire feed tube will be properly leaked out part.

B. Replace the wire feed tube, such as 1.2 wire, you can use 1.6mm wire feed tube.

C. It may also be a loose screw on the gun, tighten the screw on it, but not too tight, otherwise it will lead to too much friction and can not be out of the silk.

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