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Winter Laser Tube Protection Tips from ARGUS LASER

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Winter Laser Tube Protection Tips from ARGUS LASER

Winter Laser Tube Protection Tips from ARGUS LASER

Dear Valued Customer,

As we approach the end of 2023, winter brings colder temperatures and snowy conditions to some areas. ARGUS LASER wants to ensure optimal performance of your laser series products during this season. To minimize potential issues caused by temperature changes and safeguard your daily production, we've compiled essential precautions for your reference.

**Cold Weather Protection Tips:**

1. Exercise caution when operating laser tubes in environments below 10 degrees Celsius.

2. If the working environment temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius, drain the cooling water from the laser tube water-cooling jacket and water-cooling box.

3. Regularly replace the cooling water. Avoid direct replacement when the cooling water temperature is lower than room temperature; replace it only when close to room temperature.

4. If the working environment temperature doesn't meet usage requirements, consider discontinuing laser tube use. If necessary, use high-quality laser-specific antifreeze (main component: ethylene glycol) according to the freezing point temperature.

5. If antifreeze is used as a coolant, replace it regularly to maintain a liquid level above the water pump and prevent conductive impurities.

As the holidays approach, please conduct a thorough check of your laser equipment and implement anti-freeze protection measures.

Wishing you a successful conclusion to 2023 and a prosperous 2024!

1390 CX10Best Regards,


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