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Easy To Tear Line Co2 Laser Punching Machine

  • SCM-1600L


LGP details

Fabric laser marking machine roll to roll

1.Fabric Laser Marking Machine Introduction:

The device utilizes the thermal effect of the laser to burn and etch the fabric without contact and form a pattern of convex and concave patterns.

2.Fabric Laser Marking Machine Applicable Industries:

Clothing, luggage, textile, home, hotel, advertising, exhibition decoration, automotive decoration and other industries.

3.Fabric Laser Marking Machine Applicable Materials:

Suitable for super soft fabrics, flocking fabrics, art wallpaper, denim fabrics, corduroy, velvet and other fabrics

4.Fabric Laser Marking Machine Advantage:

(1) Large engraving range: up to 1600mm * unlimited length, the whole roll of fabric can be engraved in one time
(2) A wide range of applicable materials: super soft fabrics, flocking fabrics, art wallpaper, denim fabric, corduroy, velvet and other fabrics;
(3) The speed is super fast: the laser engraving speed is up to 10000mm / s, according to the complexity of the graphics engraving, the fabric of 1600mm width can be engraved up to 100 meters per hour;
(4) The engraving effect is exquisite, no flash, no burr, no flanging, no paste;
(5) Independent operation software: free typesetting, ready to sample, no stitching, infinite loop carving;
(6) Support a variety of software formats: AI, DWG, DXF, PLT, BMP, JPG and other vector graphics and bitmaps.


Technical Parameters Of SCM-1600L



Max.Marking Area

Width 800mm*unlimited length/1600mm*unlimited length/2000mm*unlimited length

Laser output power


Marking Speed


Power Consumption

≤ 7 kWh


1.6m width Automatic Conveyor belt

Laser Source

                 Coherent J2 CO2 R.F. Metal   Laser Tube

Laser Source Lifespan

20,000 hours (laser gas can be   refilled)

Laser Wavelength


Laser Frequency



CTI America

Repetition Precision


Min.Letter Size


System Support


Spot Quality

<1.2 M2

Control Software

 Powerful Sunic   independent developed software, automatic generation

 of   dots distribution, special laser calculation mode, high dotting speed

Power Supply


Cooling Way

Circulation of Water Cooling


Control Software
Sunic Laser self developed professional control software
File Formats Support
Cooling Way
Circulation of water cooling
Host Machine, Water Chiller, Exhausting System, Computer, Control Cards and Software



Package Dimensions:

Equipment will be packed in 3 export standard wooden case.
1. 1840*1700*2290mm ------------- Host Machine
2. 1720*800*1355mm   -------------  Top Cover
3. 725*605*1120mm     -------------  Water Chiller

Total G.W.: Around 1300KGs

Can be loaded in 20 feet container.


1. I want to buy a LGP Laser Dotting Machine, pls send me an offer.

As the top1 LGP laser processing solution provider in China, we have various LGP laser dotting system to meet different requirement, we can not simply send you an offer without knowing the more details about your requirement, such as:
LGP materials you are going to process, max LGP size you want to process, LGP thickness you want to process, LGP application you are working with.
Please send more details about your requirement, so that we can recommend you the right model.

2. What kind of materials you can process?

We have two kinds of LGP laser dotting system, one is Galvo Scanner type system, can only work on Cast Acrylic(PMMA). Another one is Linear Motor type system, can work on Cast Acrylic, Extrusion Acrylic, even on PS and MS sheet.

3. What is the max size LGP you can make?

We have different models for LGP processing, different model max working size are as follow: 
Galvo Scanner Type:
SCM2000 ----------800x800mm
SCM3000 ----------1500x1500mm
SCM1600L----------1600mm width*unlimited length
SCM2200L----------2200mm width*unlimited length
Linear Motor Type:
You may choose the right model according to the max size LGP you want to make.

4. What is the thickness of LGP you can process?

Galvo type min thickness >3mm
Linear motor type min thickness>1.5mm

5. What is the speed?

The LGP finishing time has relationship with your LGP file dots density.
Generally speaking, for 600x600mm size LGP panel.
SCM3000 finishing time is around 45~60 seconds
SCM1600L finishing time is around 70~85 seconds
SCM1219 finishing time is around 75~90 seconds

6. How can I create the LGP design file?

We have self-developed professional LGP laser dotting software, it can help you to create the design file automatic.

7. What is your advantage?

LGP Processing Expert
High speed
Stable quality
Easy operation
Professional after-sale service team

Why choose usour team

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