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Laser Marking System

laser marking is a permanent process that uses a beam of concentrated light to create a lasting mark on a surface. Typically performed with a CO2, fiber, green, or UV laser marking machine, laser marking encompasses a wide variety of applications. 


Laser marking can be automated and processed at high speeds, while leaving permanent traceability marks on a range of materials, including steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, ceramic, plastic, glass, wood, paper, and cardboard. The basic principle is fiber laser works for all kind matel material and part of plastic ,co2 laser works for non-metal material, UV or green laser works for almost all plastic and part of metal. Besides these kind lasers, there is a special mopa fiber laser, which belongs to pluse laser. Comparing mopa fiber laser to Q-switch fiber laser, mopa fiber laser can be applied to variety of plastic because of the wider frequency range.At the same time, the mopa fiber laser can do color marking on stainless steel with the help of pulse wideth. So different material can be marked by suitable laser type with text; machine-readable data (such as barcodes, Unique ID codes, and 2D Data Matrix codes); or graphics.

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