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10 Best Ways of Laser Creativity on Leather

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10 Best Ways of Laser Creativity on Leather

Leather is a very noble material, that has always been decorated and transformed through the ages. Nowadays, personalized is the market's trend. Also, personalized with a laser is very popular, because with a laser, it is easy to personalize and the result is immediately nice. With a laser, the leather will be natural, beautiful, personalized, and the effect will be last for long time. Also, Leather laser engraving is a very precise process, it enables you to create patterns that can’t be obtained with other leather personalized techniques such as embossing, perforating, carving, cutting, embroidery, etc.

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For footwear industry:

1. Laser embossing/perforating/carving leather sandals.

 laser engraving on sandals_0.jpg 

2. Laser perforating/cutting/embossing leather women's/men's shoe upper.

leather shoes .png

3. Laser marking/cutting/engraving Ballet insole.

     insole .jpg

For garment industry:

1. Laser cutting and carving large area leather jacket.

laser engraving m.jpg

For accessories industry:

1. Laser engraving leather glove.

leather glove .jpg

2. Laser engraving/embossing for leather wallets, handbags.

leather .png

For automotive interior and upholstery industry:

1. Laser engraving/perforating leather pillow, steering wheel covers, etc.

pillow .jpg

Other art-craft application:

1. Laser cutting/marking for leather earphone case.

ear phone .jpg

2. Laser marking/cutting/embossing/perforating for decoration leather label (like: logo, velcro etc) on shoe, fabric, hats, bags, key-chain, bracelets and necklaces and etc.

peak .jpg

3. Laser engraving your name or logo on leather watch strap, leather belts, leather bags, leather notebook, leather coasters, leather mobile phone protective cover.

notebook .jpg

So, above all, you can use the laser machine to cut complex shaped pieces or add details to your finished leather products and create more for your products on footwear, garment, automotive interior, upholstery and other decoration industry.

According to your materials' area and the effect you want, you can choose different power, different working area that you want!

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