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3 Kinds of Laser Window Packaging

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3 Kinds of Laser Window Packaging

Window packaging , it help customers to have a chance to inspect the food and ensure that it is fresh and safe. For packaging companies,window packaging is very effective way to communicate with consumers by your products.

Laser technology is quite popular to use for windows , today we will show you how laser cutting , laser scoring and laser de-metallization help.

Laser Window Packaging 1.0

This design adopts mechanical or laser cutting technology, you can cut any pattern shapes as you like if laser cutting machine used. After laser cutting the roll stocks, you need a label applicator to stick a label on cutting pattern , transparent labels are always used.

Window packaging 1.0 has less requirements on materials, a roll-to-roll laser cutting machine designed with a label applicator is ok. This is our normal orders from customers, the only thing they need to consider is , the thickness of the rolled material will increase a lot after cutting and laminating the labels.

This design has is the most common window packaging as it is low requirement for materials and technology.

Laser Window Packaging 2.0

The laser window packaging 2.0 is the most popular packaging that is , peel and resealable packaging. This packaging is composed of 2 layers film, by using laser scoring technology to kiss-cut 2 different pattern shapes, generally the inner layer shape is smaller than out printed film. The 2 shapes can be peeled and resealed by this design. But this packaging has high requirements for its adhesives , which should be pasted many times and clear.

And also it only use laser scoring technology to make it true , as only laser can controlled depth of kiss cutting such film.

This peel & resealable packaging is particularly popular now, which can be widely used in snacks , vegetables & fruit packaging.

Laser Window Packaging 3.0

Laser de-metallization is an innovative technology in the process of flexible packaging made of foil, which allows to obtain a transparent window of any shape. Such packaging makes it possible to display the qualities of the product itself , metallic colors attract the attention of consumers and give the packaging a premium character.

Choosing the proper laser and to control of its energy, the metal layer is destroyed without harming another layer of film, you can get a clear window. Laser is the fast and easy changeover from the development stage to production.

Our de-metallization process lets you create a striking package that also showcases the product inside. You can specify anything from a simple window to extremely intricate and detailed patterns of clear and metallized areas.

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