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ARGUS 3D Galvo CO2 Automatic Feeding Laser Machine For Pop Up Wedding Invitation Paper Card Cutter SCM2000 with CCD

The  galvo CO2 laser marking machine SCM2000 model is  for non-metal  materials marking engraving and cutting on large area up to 800×800 mm. It has been widely used in pop up card,wedding invitation card ,ect field.
  • SCM2000

New automatic paper laser die-cutting machine

| Product Description

Super co2 laser marking workshop

Main Features

1.High marking speed: maximum 7000mm/s marking speed with high-speed galvanometer scanning. Suitable for industrial mass production.

2.Large marking area: Max marking area 600*600mm ,can realize marking, punching, cutting, carving process.
3.Good stability of the equipment: Adopted the full closed optical path, imported of CO2 R.F laser source, strict multiple protection control design, ensure the stability of the entire equipment.

4.Red light indicator, makes you find out the working area easily.

| Product Details


Galvo Scanning System

3D dynamic Galvo head,one time scan area could reach to 800*800mm.
3D dynamic galvanometer control system ensure the best processing results .


RF Laser Metal Tube

Original imported metal RF laser tube with high laser power,excellent laser spot, stable laser generation and life time of more than 20000hrs.


CCD Optional

CCD positioning function ensures accurate and reliable position measurement greatly improves the production efficiency of the factory and saves labor.



Large marking area :Max marking area 800*800mm, can realize marking,

cutting, craving process.

| Technical parameters

Model SCM2000 SCM2000-SP
Max working Area 600*600mm (Customizable) ≤ 800*800mm (Customizable)

Laser power

230-250W(Coherent J2) 250-250W(Coherent J3)

Power Consumption

≤ 7kWh ≤ 9kWh

Life Span

Over 20000 hours

Marking Speed

≤10000mm/s ≤10000mm/s


MDF/Aluminum Strip/Honeycomb worktable MDF/Aluminum Strip/Honeycomb worktable

Laser Source

Coherent CO2 Metal RF Laser Tube Coherent CO2 Metal RF Laser Tube
Laser Wavelength 10.64μm 10.64μm
Laser Frequency 20kHz~200kHz 20kHz~200kHz
Focusing method 3D Dynamic Focusing Scanner 3D Dynamic Focusing Scanner
System Support Windows 7 Windows 7
Output Compatibility Auto CAD, Photoshop, CorelDRAW etc Auto CAD, Photoshop, CorelDRAW etc
File Formats PLT, DXP, BMP, JPG, AI etc PLT, DXP, BMP, JPG, AI etc
Software Character Integrated Function of Dotting Design, Vector Drawing, Marking, Scribing and Cutting Integrated Function of Dotting Design, Vector Drawing, Marking, Scribing and Cutting
Power Supply 110V~380V/50Hz~60Hz 110V~380V/50Hz~60Hz
Cooling Way Circulation of Water Cooling Circulation of Water Cooling
Size 1.1m*2.0m*2.0m 1.1m*2.15m*2m
About 500KG About 530KG

| Why Choose Super Paper Cutting Machine

1.More Efficient and Stable Galvanometer Control


The system incorporates a mirror driving board imported from Germany, providing increased driving power, superior heat dissipation, and enhanced resistance to interference. Paired with a highly capable super galvanometer motor, it achieves a higher level of efficiency and stability in motion precision control.

2.Finer Beam Quality


The efficient and stable control system, coupled with large-aperture galvanometric optical lenses, achieves a finer and more consistent beam quality within the working area. The minimum linewidth can reach 0.18mm.

3.Enhanced and Stable Cutting and Engraving Capability


Utilizing a large-aperture three-dimensional dynamic system and matching it with oversized galvanometric optical lenses, the focused beam is 40% larger than conventional ones. This exponential increase in cutting and engraving capability significantly improves processing efficiency and yields a more refined quality of workmanship.

7.SCM2000 paper cutting6

7.SCM2000 paper cutting7

7.SCM2000 paper cutting11

7.SCM2000 paper cutting9

7.SCM2000 paper cutting8

7.SCM2000 paper cutting9


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laser solutions supplier since 1998 !!!

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