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4 working principles of laser cleaners and their application industries

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4 working principles of laser cleaners and their application industries

Working Principle of Laser Cleaner: Laser cleaning technology is a cleaning solution that uses a high-frequency, short-pulse laser as the working medium. High-energy beams of specific wavelengths are absorbed by the rust layer, paint layer, and pollution layer, forming a rapidly expanding plasma (a highly ionized unstable gas), and at the same time generating a shock wave, which turns the contaminants into fragments and rejects them.

The laser cleaner effectively removes surface attachments or surface coatings from the clean object at high speed, thus achieving a clean process. It is a new technology based on the interaction effect between laser and material, different from the traditional mechanical cleaning method, chemical cleaning method and ultrasonic cleaning method (wet cleaning process), it does not require any CFC organic solvents that destroy the ozone layer, no pollution, no noise, no harm to human body and the environment, it is a real green cleaning technology.

Laser Cleaning Principle

The working principle of the laser cleaning machine:

1、Various laser beams are generated by different types of lasers.

2、The energy density of the laser can be adjusted to make the dirt expand by heat. When the expansion force of the dirt is greater than the adsorption force of the dirt on the substrate, the dirt will be detached from the surface of the object.

3、Focused laser beam around the spot can produce very high energy, so that the dirt instantly evaporate, gasification or decomposition.

4、The laser beam has a small divergence angle and good directionality, and the laser beam can be gathered into spots of different diameters through the focusing system.

Laser cleaning machine application areas:

1、Mmetal or glass surface coating layer removal, rapid paint removal.

2、Rapid removal of rust, and various oxides.

3、Remove grease, resin, glue, dust, stains, production residues.

4、Metal surface roughness, narrow space metal surface cleaning.

5、Depainting before welding or bonding, removing rust, removing oil, oxides and residues after welding.

6、Mold cleaning, such as tire molds, electronic molds, food molds.

7、Precision parts production and processing after oil removal

8、Rapid cleaning of nuclear power components maintenance

9、Aaerospace weapons, ship production or maintenance process of oxide treatment, paint removal, rust removal

10、Cultural relics cleaning, rock cleaning, building exterior surface cleaning

Laser cleaning and mechanical friction cleaning, chemical corrosion cleaning, liquid and solid impact cleaning, high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning and other traditional cleaning methods, compared with the obvious advantages. It is efficient, fast, low cost, the thermal and mechanical load on the substrate is small, cleaning for non-injury; waste can be recycled, no environmental pollution; safe and reliable, does not harm the health of the operator; can be removed from a variety of different thicknesses, different composition of the coating; cleaning process is easy to automate the control to achieve long-distance remote control cleaning and so on. It can be seen that the laser cleaning technology will gradually replace part of the traditional cleaning methods in the future.

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