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5 Benefits of Using a Laser Engraver and Cutter

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5 Benefits of Using a Laser Engraver and Cutter

Laser cutting machines are a versatile solution to a variety of industrial and commercial challenges. With the right laser cutting machine, industrial and commercial organizations can satisfy their needs for engraving, cutting, or marking a variety of different materials, with technology that characteristically out-performs the competition. Below, we’ve listed five of the key benefits associated with using a laser engraver or cutting machine.

Laser Cutting Machines Are Versatile

Laser cutting machines are versatile in the sense that they can perform different operations depending on how the user or operator configures their settingsLaser cutting is when a laser machine is used to cut entire shapes or sections out of the chosen material. High-powered CO2 lasers machines are the best option for cutting through plastics

Laser engraving uses a high-powered laser to vaporize the surface of the material, Laser engraving is a useful process for personalizing or customizing an object made from wood, leather

High-powered CO2 laser machineslike this have rapidly replaced virtually all traditional marking technologies, such as dot peen, inkjet, and labeling. Lasers create permanent and consistent markings at a low price point with a high accuracy that simply can’t be matched by other marking technologies.

Laser Cutting Machines Are Precise And Reliable

Mechanical and laser cutting are both common fabricating processes that are represented throughout the manufacturing sector today, but there’s a reason that an increasing number of manufacturers are choosing to rely on laser cutting machines to fulfill their needs.

That reason is the unparalleled precision and reliability of a computer numerically controlled (CNC) vector cutting machine, its ability to deliver absolute consistency and help minimize risk throughout the cutting process.

the ability to apply finish to a product, whereas machine-cut parts may require post-machining treatments to finish them

no direct contact between the material and the laser cutter, reducing the likelihood of material contamination or an accidental marking

less heat generated in a smaller area compared to mechanical cutting, reducing the risk that the material will become deformed or misshapen at the cutting site

Laser Cutting Works With A Variety Of Materials

Have you ever wondered “What can you cut with a laser cutter?” The answer is, almost anything. Laser cutting works by directing a highly concentrated beam of light rays, the output of a high-powered laser, through a series of lenses that magnify their intensity and onto the desired surface. When the laser beam hits the material on the targeted surface, it is either vaporized, melted, burned away, or blown away by a jet of gas.

Acrylic, also known as Plexiglas, a hard plastic material that comes in many different colors

Two-tone acrylic



Rubber products such as neoprene and viton

Woods (balsa, birch, oak, cedar, cherry, and others)

Laser Engraving And Cutting Is Extremely Safe

A Laser Cutting Machine Produces Few Waste Products

One of the best things about operating a laser cutter in your workshop or on your manufacturing line is that they don’t produce any real waste and don’t require any consumables.

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