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ARGUS CNC High Quality Desktop Laser Cutting Machine Laser Engraving Machine 100W Laser Cutter

Product name:Co2 laser print engrave mark machine
Laser power:60w/80w/100w/130w/150w
Function:  Mobile Cell phone screen protector Co2 laser cutter 
Cutting materials: Acrylic, Plastic, Plank, ABS, Wood, Plywood, Bamboo, Paper, Organic glass, MDF, PVC, Rubber, Density board
Working area:1300mm*900mm
Laser tube:Yongli Glass tube 
  • SCU1390

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engraver cutter details

Product Description

Our CO2 laser engraving cutting machines offer a solution for highquality engraving and cutting of acrylics, cardboard, wood,textiles,two-color sign laminate, stone, and much more. Our laser machines are the most robust,accurate, and reliable on the market.

  • High level of accuracy and high cutting speed of thin materials

  • The stepper motor guarantees cutting and engraving smooth.

  • The structure is strong enough to ensure the moving stable.

  • High quality laser tube provides the strong beam and long service life.

  • Glass Tube life can reach 1000Hours , R F. metal laser tube available

  • Strong machine frame, make sure stable performance while high speed cutting or engraving

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Linear Guide Rail

Adopted Taiwan Hiwin linear guide rail,high positioning accuracy, 

reduce wear to maintain accuracy for a longer time

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Unique Module Structure

The unique module structure is formed in one time assembly to avoid to manually assemble,more accuracy;Keep A axis and Y axis both 90°for 7-10



High Performance Motors

Stepper motor is in high precision, high speed, large torque performance is stable and durable, ensure the high 

speed operation of the whole machine


Choice of Support Tables

We provide both a blade & Honeycomb table for laser engraving and cutting

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Visible Red Dot Pointer

Since the CO2 laser beam is invisible the red dot pointer 

on the machine allows you to have a visual reference for locating where the laser will fire

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Control Software

Friendly software, enabling the import of files: plt, ai, bmp, dxf, dst, having many useful functions, defining work

values assigned to a given line color (cutting, engraving, laser speed and power)


Pass-through Door

Pass-through front to rear doors

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Yongli Glass Tube

High quality laser beam,Easy to change and

Long life span 12,000hrs


 Product  Display

photobank (20)

co2 laser engraver

1325 laser cutter workshop


 Application Video



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photo engraving
Co2 laser samples (6)
acrylic sample

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Product Category

Argus Laser, your professional 
laser solutions supplier since 1998 !!!

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