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ARGUS Leather Jeans Fabric Vinyl Co2 Laser Cut Engrave Plotter 1610 Wood Laser Cutter

Product name: Sportswear Air vent C02 Laser Cut Machine
Laser power: 60w/100w/130w/150w
Function: Fabric textiles sportswear Co2 laser perforate Nonmetal Materials
Cutting materials:Fabric sportsware laser perforate Acrylic Wood Mdf Plywood Plactical
Working area:1600mm*1000mm
  • SCU1610


engraver cutter details

  1. English version Laser cut software supporting 10 commonly used graphic formats.

  2. DSP off-line control with USB port interface

3. US Imported focusing lenses, choice of  4", 2.5"  focal lengths.

4. Focusing is simple by touching two button, takes only 3 seconds

6. All models feature a red dot alignment pointer, helping you to properly position your work under the laser head

7.Un-limited feed-through door , we can only add the auto-feeding system allows the use of roll material and unlimited sheet length

8.Air asist ,we will provide you one set air compressor, you can turn up/down the switch between the laser head to control the strength of air blowing. To avoid getting fired and blow away the dusk /smoke.

9. Exhaust fan&vacuum table, this pulls fumes and debris away from the work piece; the resulting vacuum is strong enough to straighten and flatten thin materials against the work table for cutting and engraving in good focus.

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