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Acrylic Night Light Laser Engraving Machine: The Magician Who Makes Up the Night

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Acrylic Night Light Laser Engraving Machine: The Magician Who Makes Up the Night

The night needs to be quiet and more welcoming,A small acrylic night light,The fireflies are as cool as water in the night,And like the stars on a cold night in a fairy tale land,Laser engraved acrylic night light, may you be treated gently by the night


The process of laser engraving is simple, just like using a printer to print on paper. After making drawings on computer software, the laser engraving machine can engrave the set pattern or text on the acrylic night light without restrictions, and add warm colors to the bottom. After the LED lamp holder is attached, it illuminates the dark environment without being dazzling.


Laser engraving is a non-contact processing method, which will not cause mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress to the acrylic, and will not cause mechanical deformation. The lamp body of the acrylic night light after laser engraving can make people feel the 3D vision brought by the plane. Effect, just need to replace different plane light body can interpret different stories.


Laser engraving is not limited by the number of processing to ensure consistent processing results in the same batch. The precision of laser engraving can reach within millimeters, and the processed acrylic night light is exquisite and delicate.

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