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Advantages and Applications of Laser Perforating

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Advantages and Applications of Laser Perforating

Laser Scoring

We offer state-of-the-art laser perforating services that consistently outperform traditional mechanical methods.

Our non-contact process is capable of either penetrating entirely through a material or only partially penetrating select layers. Unlike mechanical perforating which often compromises the strength and integrity of the film, creating unwanted tears, our laser perforating process produces cauterized holes that are uniform, strong, and free of residue or drops. 


  • Features adjustable hole size, location, frequency, and patterns

  • Offers round shapes free of residue or drops

  • Delivers thermally sealed edges  that reduce propagation and tear

  • Allows precise registration to print on product packaging

  • Features high-speed, non-contact process

  • Extends shelf life of perishable foods

  • Regulates oxygen, vapor, and gas transmission rates

  • Reduces condensation and bacteria growth

  • Integrates venting for rapid fill packaging


  • Perishable Food Packaging

  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging

  • Breathable Films

  • Microwavable Steam Release

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