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Advantages and Applications of Laser Scoring

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Advantages and Applications of Laser Scoring

Laser Scoring

SUNIC LASER delivers laser scoring for a variety of flexible packaging materials through a non-contact, high-speed, and clean processing method.


  • Outperforms mechanical methods on a variety of package types

  • Features non-tool processing method that is fast and accurate

  • Integrates reliable easy open features and tamper proof features

  • Delivers consistent and clear tear along score line

  • Features controlled score depth and location

  • Delivers precise score lines or shapes, straight lines, and/or contoured features

  • Enables score lines that can be exactly registered to print on product packaging

  • Features capabilities for machine and transverse direction or both simultaneously


  • Variety of Pouches

  • Easy Open Packaging

  • Peel and Reseal Packaging

  • Microwavable Packaging

  • Marking

  • Etching

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