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Application of Laser Marking on PVC/PE/PP/HDPE Pipes

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Application of Laser Marking on PVC/PE/PP/HDPE Pipes

Laser printing marking for plastic tube is an important part of construction materials. Users widely accept it because of its superior performance, hygiene, environmental protection, and low consumption.

The main materials of plastic pipes are PVC, PE, PPR, PP, HDPE, etc.

The strong market demand has led to the continuous expansion of production, and higher requirements have also been placed on the quality of pipes. In addition to the excellent material properties of plastic pipes, the requirements for their identification are also getting higher and higher.


Three major problems in the traditional inkjet coding method:

  1. The inkjet coding machine cannot achieve permanent marking, and the inkjet coding method is easy to erase later.

  2. The long-term expensive consumables of inkjet printers invisibly increase the cost of enterprises.

  3. The inkjet printer needs to be cleaned and replaced frequently, the nozzle and the filter screen, the maintenance is complicated, and the failure rate is high.

In addition to solving the above problems caused by traditional inkjet coding methods, the online fiber laser marking machine has many advantages.

Online optical fiber flying laser marking machine also has many benefits.

  1. No consumables: pulsed laser energy, the cumulative output time of the laser is up to 100,000 hours, without any consumables.

  2. Maintenance-free: Adopt the most reliable fiber laser energy, galvanometer scanning, and control software control system to reduce the daily maintenance of traditional inkjet printers.

  3. High Efficiency: Perfect flying laser marking is suitable for pipe production lines, the fastest flying laser marking speed can reach hundreds of meters per minute, which can fully meet the marking needs.

  4. Marking effect: The fly online laser marking is not affected by the temperature difference environment, the operation is simple, the marking effect of different colors is available for pipes of different materials, the font size and thickness can also be adjusted according to the size of the pipe, and the fly online laser marking is clear and beautiful.


Besides fiber online fly laser marking machines, CO2 online fly laser and UV fly online laser can also be used in the pipe coding industry. However, compared to the other two types of laser coding machines, fiber laser coding machines adopt the most advanced laser generator, which has a lifetime of up to 100,000hours, more suitable for the plastic pipe extrusion line that works for 24 hours continually.

Meanwhile, the fiber online fly laser is the most cost-effective machine among the three machine options, which makes it actually to be The best plastic pipes laser marking machine.

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