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Applications of Easy Tearing Line Laser Marking

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Applications of Easy Tearing Line Laser Marking

For more than 20 years, we have been developing laser systems and production processes for all kinds of material processing. Thanks to this expertise, we can offer you industry-proven solutions for an extremely broad range of applications. Easy Tearing Line of SUNIC LASER machines are used for applications in the most varied products, predominantly in the packaging industry.

Laser Scribing

Intelligent packaging is easy to open. The best solution is a defined scribing structure, which allows a controlled tear off by the user. Laser-scribed lines have an even melted edge, which results in a precise scribing structure. At the same time, the surrounding material remains tear-resistant. The result is packaging that your customers will like opening.

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Laser Slitting

Outer packaging for kitchen roll, toilet paper etc. is usually made from PE film. This is very elastic and is hard to open without slits. Lasers are used to make cuts with any spacing and length following a predefined contour. So the packaging can easily be opened for removal of the individual products.

PP film, for example, is used for the outer packaging of tissues. Thanks to the slits and precise coordination of the cut-to-land ratio, after tearing along the lines, consumers are left with an opening that enables them to remove the little packs of tissues individually.

Laser Perforation

  • Micro perforation


In perforation, the laser beam produces microscopically small holes without contact, with a diameter from 60 μm to approx. 200μm and larger, depending on individual requirements. Besides the laser parameters, such as pulse peak power, pulse duration and wavelength,

the different films and film composites are also influencing factors.

A brief laser pulse with high power density applies the energy to the film very quickly for perforation. This vaporises the material with little material melt out at the edge. The greater the pulse energy, the more the material melts and vaporises.

  • Macro perforation

With macro perforation, the beam is guided by mobile mirrors, the so-called scanner technology. The laser beam is guided by changing the angle of the mirrors. A processing field is created.


  1. precise fused cut edges, leaving no film remnants in the form of threads, as is sometimes the case with punching.

  2. 100 % extraction of the cut-outs thanks to specially developed extraction technology.

  3. flexible cut-outs in position and form.

  • Window-cutting

laser window

Window-cutting is the perfect process for showing consumers the packaging content. The process is easily explained: a laser system for cutting paper is integrated into a laminating system. First, a laminating adhesive is applied to the reverse of a paper web. This paper web then runs through the laser system and as many window contours as required are cut out. A film web, which runs in sync with the paper web, is joined to the paper web via guide rollers, resulting in a paper-film composite with windows.

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