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Characteristics of hand-held laser welding machine:

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Characteristics of hand-held laser welding machine:

Characteristics of hand-held laser welding machine:

1. The welding speed is fast and the efficiency is higher than the traditional welding.

2. The operation is simple, and the welding of any part and any angle of the workpiece can be realized.

3. Suitable for welding small batches of multi-angle sheet metal hardware parts.

4. Equipped with safety circuit to avoid false glow and operate more safely.

5. Compact structure and small footprint.

6. Integrated design, ultra-long optical fiber transmission to overcome the limitations of space distance operation.

Advantages of handheld laser welding machine:

1. Wide welding range: hand-held welded joints are equipped with 5m-10m original optical fiber, which overcomes the limitation of workbench space and can be used for outdoor welding and long-distance welding.

2. Convenient and flexible to use: laser welding machine is equipped with mobile pulley, which is comfortable to hold and can be adjusted at any time, without fixed-point workstation, free and flexible, suitable for all kinds of working environment.

3. Various welding methods: can realize any angle welding: stack welding, butt welding, vertical welding, flat fillet welding, inner fillet welding, outer fillet welding and so on. It can be used to weld all kinds of complex welds and large-size irregular workpieces. Welding at any angle can be realized. In addition, laser welding equipment can also complete cutting, welding and cutting can be switched freely, as long as the welding copper mouth is changed to cutting copper mouth, which is very convenient.

Laser welding effect:

1. The welding effect is good: handheld fiber laser welder is hot melt welding. Compared with traditional welding, laser welding has higher energy density and can achieve better welding effect. The welding is deep, fully melted, firm and reliable, and the weld strength reaches or even exceeds that of the base metal itself, which can not be guaranteed by ordinary welding machines.

2. the weld does not need to be polished: after traditional welding, the solder joint needs to be polished to ensure that it is smooth and not rough. Handheld fiber laser welder just reflects more advantages in the processing effect: continuous welding, smooth without fish scales, beautiful without scars, less follow-up polishing process.

3. Welding consumables: most people remember that the welding operation is "left-hand goggles, right-hand clamp welding wire". On the other hand, the handheld laser welding machine can easily complete the welding, which reduces the material cost in production and processing.

4. Save labor cost: compared with arc welding, the processing cost can be reduced by about 30%. The operat ion is simple and easy to learn, and the technical threshold of the operator is not high. Ordinary workers can take up the post after short-term training and easily achieve high-quality welding effect.

Application field of handheld laser welding machine:

Mainly used for large and medium-sized sheet metal, cabinets, chassis, aluminum alloy door and window frames, stainless steel washbasins and other large workpieces such as inner right angle, outer right angle, etc., plane weld welding, small heat affected zone, small deformation, large welding depth and firm welding. Widely used in kitchen and sanitation industry, home appliance industry, advertising industry, mold industry, stainless steel products industry, stainless steel engineering industry, door and window industry, arts and crafts industry, household products industry, furniture industry, auto parts industry and so on.

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