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Co2 Laser Marking System For Paper and Cardboard

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Co2 Laser Marking System For Paper and Cardboard

Paper and cardboard are not only among the most widely used materials on the planet but also the ones initially meant for inscribing. Many materials only became easily markable thanks to the latest etching technologies. Paper and cardboard have the longest history of hand and machine inscribing. The latest printing devices can create any design quickly and accurately. So why would one need a solution laser marking paper?


The Advantages of Marking Paper

Once the laser was used on paper, it opened the new world of opportunities for different applications of this material. It offered almost unlimited creative options to artworks and product customization. The high volume product lines value its speed and automation opportunities. The more specific reasons for using paper laser marking machine include:
• Almost any type and width of the material
• Versatile customization options
• Providing engravings of different depth
• Cutting sophisticated contours and patterns with neat and accurate edges
• Seamless integration to product lines
• No post-production required
• Long working hours and no consumables needed
• Easy to master and adjust
• Eco-friendly and harmless to the operator’s health
• And many more specific features
This is why marking solutions are in high demand throughout the world.

What Can a Laser Create On Paper?

The most laser marking techniques have been adapted for this material. How to design a unique artwork? Just adjust the paper laser engraving machine to cut, engrave, anneal, perforate or for many other techniques. The favourite styles are deep lines, perforated lines, inner or outer cuts (shaping the sheet), scratched lines and shapes.
The contents include letters, numbers, symbols, industrial product coding, high-resolution corporate branding, photos or pieces of art.
Versatile marking techniques can create an extraordinary style on paper, cardboard and similar materials. No other solution is capable of such effect.


Further Mastering a Laser: Cardboard

Cardboard as a marking material is also very impressive. Its application range is very wide. Nowadays this material can be used not only for traditional paper industries and packaging. It is easy to get and quick to master. This makes it a favored material for both mass production and individual works, for experienced masters and novices. The most popular types of this material include:
• corrugated fiberboard, one of the thickest ones usually used for boxes and packaging;
• compact cardboard, used for modeling, framing, crafting.
Applying beautiful designs on cardboard with a laser coding machine is as easy as laser etching paper. And etching identification codes and other manufacturing details has become a common thing.
Laser cutting has boosted the use of cardboard for modeling and prototyping, both as a finished product and as a low-cost sandbox material. Almost any size and shape 2D or 3D model can be constructed of machine-cut parts.

Suitable for Various Applications

Laser engraving machine for paper can be helpful for any kind of applications:
• publishing
• arts and crafts
• design articles
• cards
• packaging
• modeling
• school supplies, etc.
The use of etching for traditional sheet and card decorating remains in high demand. Versatile techniques, filigree cuttings, exquisite forms and extraordinary details are very appreciated. They are used for:
• book covers,
• greeting cards and invitations,
• business cards,
• customized stationery,
• artworks.

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