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Considerations for Buying a Leather Laser Engraving Machine

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Considerations for Buying a Leather Laser Engraving Machine

Today, there are more and more leather sofas, clothes, decorations, etc. Previously a small amount of demand might have opted for manual cutting. But nowadays, with the increase in labor cost and order demand, manual cutting can no longer meet the production demand of factories. At the same time, more and more DIY enthusiasts want to design their unique products. Then high quality leather laser engraving machine has become an essential tool. Nowadays, there are many choices of leather laser engraving machines on the market, and it is very challenging to choose the one that suits you best. So we have selected a few unique laser engraving machines for leather for you to choose from. You can choose the best laser engraving machine for leather according to each machine’s characteristics.

Glass Tube CO2 Laser Engraver


This leather laser engraving machine has two built-in cooling systems with good heat dissipation capacity and low noise. So it can work continuously for a long time and does not require much maintenance. It supports CorelDraw, Photoshop, and AutoCAD and is compatible with regular and vector image formats. Leather laser engraving process, you can easily adjust the position. The red dot positioning system ensures that the leather laser engraving is positioned and ready, saving costs and reducing waste. 

The best leather laser engraving machine features

  1. High print quality, long continuous run duration, and clear and full printing

  2. Comprehensive software support for capturing and creating a variety of labels, as well as non-contact processing

  3. Maximum assurance of original workpiece surface accuracy

  4. Can be used to engrave a variety of materials, has a long retention duration and is simple to install.

  5. The optical system is completely sealed, preventing dust from entering the laser body and lowering the equipment failure rate.

3D Dynamic laser engraving leather machine


This 800 x 800 mm large engraving area can meet your various needs. With CTI 3D dynamic vibrating lens from the USA, the scanning area can reach 1500*1500 mm simultaneously. 3D dynamic vibrating lens control system and automatic up and down Z-axis ensure the best processing effect. It is most suitable for engraving hollow leather patterns, invitations, 3D greeting cards, fabrics, etc. Also, this machine has a long life span of 20,000hrs and is equipped with a foot switch for easy operation. Professionals and engraving enthusiasts can easily do creative engraving on their items.

Leather laser engraving machine features

  1. Protective cover with no touch treatment to safeguard the safety of your employees.

  2. Environmentally friendly smoke purification system.

  3. The high speed of 7000mm/s is 10 times faster than a standard CO2 laser cutting machine.

  4. There are no yellow or black edges, and the laser beam is excellent.

  5. Representatives from the EU, FDA, ISO, and ROHS

  6. Over 20,000 hours of service life. When it runs out of gas, it may also refill it.

  7. The equipment’s performance is stable and maintenance-free.

  8. Imported quick vibrating mirror scanning equipment and metal-sealed American RF laser.

Flying Online laser leather engraving machine


First of all, the size of this leather laser engraving machine is small. You only need to set aside a small piece of space to store it. It has a protective cover on the outside to protect against dust and water, reducing maintenance. It also helps to protect our eyes. Even goggles can see the laser movement. That’s why it is also one of the best laser engraving machine for leather.

Leather laser engraving machine features

  1. Advanced high-speed and stable laser marking and printing system with touch screen.

  2. Support for saving text to a file for future reference.

  3. We designed SHX, TTF, and CSF fonts, supported by print fonts.

  4. Support up to four printing ports, each of which can print separate files.

  5. In an unplanned power outage, files can automatically protect from loss, and the power outage site can automatically restore when the computer is rebooted.

  6. Low power consumption, working temperature range of -15 to 60 degrees Celsius (can work usually)

  7. Can work for a highly long time and adapt to 7X24 hours of long-term online employment.

  8. CO2 air-cooled, over 60,000 hours of life expectancy, no wear parts, nearly maintenance-free for life.

Mini laser engraving machine for leather


The fact that this tiny laser engraver can engrave a variety of materials, including leather, wood, fabric, cardboard, cloth, and more, is perhaps its best feature. It also has in-app editing capabilities, allowing you to design text and patterns as well as edit photographs to be engraved, making it easier to use.
Furthermore, it is housed in an ample space. As a result, users can effortlessly transport it from one location to another.

Leather laser engraving machine features

  1. Small size, easy to carry and place

  2. Fast marking speed and accurate engraving

Advantages of the best laser engraving machine for leather

  1. The most significant advantage of the leather laser engraving machine compared with other processes is that it can engrave on the basis of not damaging the leather.

  2. More exquisite engraving, three-dimensional solid sense, clear-cutting lines

  3. The whole engraving process does not damage the leather

  4. Laser engraving leather machine operation is simple and ideal for small business production

Reasons to buy a leather laser engraving machine

The most significant consideration is the reason for your engraving machine purchase. It’s only a personal interest if you buy the machine for your usage. Then I don’t believe spending much money on the gadget is necessary. Suppose you’re doing it for a business or selling your goods. Then it’s critical to select a leather engraving machine with a high configuration.

Factors to consider before buying a leather laser engraving machine

  • Engraving material

  • Engraving area

  • Engraving speed

  • Maintenance

  • Workplace

  • Connectivity

  • Device compatibility

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