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DIY Laser Engraving Machine Education CO2 Laser Engraver Cutter

Engraving Area:400mm*300mm
Laser Type:CO2
Engraving Speed:1500mm/s
  • SCU4030


machine structure


Equipment Performance

*Designed for engraving nonmetals and painted metals.

*Unique designed engraving motion system with , providing efficiency work.

*Max.Practical Engraving Speed 1200mm/s.

*Multifunctional Red Light Indication, can be use to adjust optical path.

*High quality&frequency laser beam, spot diameter<0.2mm, more accurate.

*Metal RF laser tube, long lifespan, after inflation can be use again.

*Desktop type, can be set on the desk.


Applicable Fields&Materials

The machine is widely applied in the fine engraving, cutting and hollowing out on nonmetals with all kinds of characters, graphs, images, trademarks and so on.

*Handcraft industry. Plywood,Glass,Marble,Density board,Gifts,Trophy, Marks, Key chains.

*Furniture, Wood,Bamboo,MDF, Home textile, Seat Cushions,Ceramic.

*Advertising industry, Advertising plate, Acrylic, Plastic, PVC,Signs.

*Garment,Jeans,Leather,Chemical leather, Shoes material.

*Decoration, Paper Board,Organic glass,Vases,Derma.

*Model manufacturing.



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