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Easy tearing line for the packaging industry

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Easy tearing line for the packaging industry

Easy tearing line is a wonderful technique to create advanced features on flexible packaging. Together with laser perforation it lets designer conceive easy opening packages, single portioned or disposable boxes, tear-apart openings that can enrich the experience of the product.

The rising success of easy to open packages has pushed producers to look for new packaging solutions. More than ever, consumers are used to easy-opening packaging.

The introduction of laser technology and digital converting processes has pushed packaging companies to find innovative solutions that were unthinkable of just a few years ago. Industrial lasers for packaging, such as the CO2 laser, give added value to a product by not only protecting it, but also making it easy to open.


Plastic film packaging, which has offered a wide scope for experimentation, is a perfect example of the added value of packaging.

CO2 laser can increase the breathability of the plastic film according to the product they contain. Fresh produce, for example, can be wrapped in micro-perforated bags in a modified atmosphere room to extend its longevity.

Laser scoring on plastic film bags to make packaging easy-to-open is another laser application that has many uses.

What is laser scoring for easy tearing line?

A laser beam vaporises predetermined areas of a plastic film, thus creating the scoring. The weakening line that is created makes the packaging easy to open without the use of tools.


Laser incision has the advantage of removing the material in a precise and uniform way. This technique gives the possibility to closely control the depth of incision. By removing only the strict minimum amount of material, the integrity of the packaging remains untouched.

The right materials for laser incision

Laser incision is ideal for flexible packaging made in plastic film. These materials, which are some of the most commonly used in the packaging sector, are perfectly compatible with CO2 laser:

  • polypropylene

  • polyethylene

  • polyester

  • nylon

  • multilayer films

Plastic film packaging can be used for all kinds of products: food, cosmetics, chemical products, herbal and pharmaceutical products.

The right laser source for laser perforation machine

In conclusion, the CO2 laser is ideal for scoring of plastic film. The previously mentioned materials respond well to the CO2 laser wavelength. The laser scoring process works best with a low power laser source or with up to a 300 W power supply. One should also take into consideration that the higher the laser power, the faster the production.

The possibilities given by system integrations and configurations are endless. Once the type of application has been decided, it becomes easy to choose the best configuration.

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