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Enclosed Cabinet FPC Laser Cutting Machine Laser Marking

Laser Tube Brand: HUARAY/AOC
Scanner: Sino-Galvo
Max Marking Speed: <3000mm/s
  • SUM3/SUM5/SUM7/SUM12


  • Max Marking Speed

Our company

Wuhan Sunic Group are a professional laser machines and solar panel products lines equipments manufacturer since 1998. We are specialized in Design, Rerearch, Manufacture, Sales and Service for laser machines. • We supply customized solution for different materials processing , such as Invitation cards, Wedding cards, Pop up cards, Pop up books , Candy box , Paper products, Acrylic , PMMA, LGP, Jeans Wash, Leather, Fabric, Texitles , Wood , MDF , Laminate materials , Marble, Package Flim, Metal Plastic products and so on . • Our laser equipments are widely used in Solar PV production, IC elements production, Leather&Clothing Industry, Advertising Signs, Decoration crafts, Equipment spare parts, Daily hardwares, Measurement tools, Medical instruments, Printing&packing industry and etc. Sunic Group would like to be customer's technical consultant and support in laser&solar equipments to make further development and progress together.


The portable optical fiber laser marking machine has a wide range of applications, especially suitable for the marking of hardware tools, cutting tools and kitchen utensils, plastic products, computer keyboards, metal ornaments, buttons, integrated circuits, packaging bottles, glasses frames, sanitary faucets and other products.The mark is clear and beautiful and never disappears.Simple environmental requirements, no constant temperature and humidity and water cooling facilities.Minimum consumables, minimum maintenance.Software super function, easy to use.Small size, light weight, small occupation area, can be easily installed on the production line for online marking.

*  Enclosed cabinet
*  MHX-02-006 beampath 
* 120*590 motorized axis (25w constant speed motor )
*  300*400 metal plate
*  Monitor holder
*  Used for fiber laser marking
*  OEM ODM is available

enclosed portable uv laser 640x640

Pacakge and ship

Package and ship


1. processing of high-end market, handicrafts, medicine, cosmetics, video and other polymer materials packaging bottle, the mark is very precise and stands wear, better than ink printing and pollution-free;
2. The flexible PCB marking and scribing, silicon and wafer micro hole, blind hole processing;
3. LCD glass QR code marking, glass wares punching, metal surface coating marking, plastic buttons, communications equipment, electronics, gifts, building materials and so on.

 SDM Samples


Flexible and convenient operating system: 

1) user-friendly operation, you can edit  the text symbols, graphics, bar code, QR code, serial number and so on easily; 
2) high compatibility; support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, JPG and other formats files output from AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Photoshop, AI and so on.

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Technical Parameters



Laser Power


Laser Source

Import America AOC Laser source

Pointer Review


Laser wavelength


Working Area


Beam Quality

 M2 <1.1

Output Laser Power

0~100% adjustable

Laser head Up & Down distance


Output Frequency

5KHz~80KHz adjustable

Pulse Width


Focus Spot Diameter


Operate Software

Copyright Ezcad Software

Marking Speed

< 7000mm/s

Repeated Precision


Galvo Scanner Head

Sino Galvo scanner

System Operation Environment

Copyright Windows7 , 32/64bits

Cooling Mode

Water Cooling CW chiller

Power Consumption


Operation Environment


Lifespan of UV Laser Source

Max. 20 000 hours

Wuhan Sunic Photoelectricity Equipment Manufacture Co.,Ltd (Sunic Laser) have been engaged in manufacture of laser equipments since 1998. We are specialized in designing, manufacture, sales and service for laser processing machines and whole equipment for Solar PV production line, and supply complete turnkey solutions with laser application for customers all over the world.

Our laser equipment are widely used in Solar PV production, IC elements production, Leather&Clothing industry, Advertising Signs,Decoration crafts, equipment spare parts, daily hardware, measurement tools, medical instruments, printing&packing industry and etc.

Sunic Laser would like to be customer’s technical consultant and support in laser&solar equipment to make further development and progress together.

UV Laser mark Toyota Front Windshield.mp4


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