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Engraving and cutting of paper & cardboard

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Engraving and cutting of paper & cardboard

What can be made from paper and cardboard using a CO2 machine?

With the help of a CO2 laser machine, you can cut paper and cardboard, as well as apply laser engraving on these materials

Laser cutting of paper and cardboard

CO2 laser cutting machines allow:

laser cut out of paper and cardboard any layouts, including complex high-precision patterns, such as lace or detailed patterns,

make laser perforation of paper or cardboard,

using the camera to determine the contours of already printed images and cut them with a laser.

Laser machines for paper and cardboard can be used to cut out final or intermediate products that require further assembly or processing. With the help of laser cutting of paper and cardboard, the following can be produced:

  1. Children's books, stencils, crafts;

  2. Puzzles, constructors, puzzles, prefabricated models;

  3. Original packaging and boxes;

  4. Postcards, invitations, booklets, business cards, printing products;

  5. Elements of decor and interior and exterior decoration;

  6. Industrial gaskets and inserts;

  7. Patterns.

Advantages of laser cutting of paper and cardboard on a CO2 machine

Laser cutting of paper and cardboard on a CO2 machine offers several advantages. Firstly, it provides highly precise and accurate cutting, enabling intricate and detailed designs to be created with ease. This level of precision ensures clean edges and eliminates the need for additional finishing processes.

Secondly, laser cutting on a CO2 machine allows for quick and efficient production. The speed and efficiency of the process make it ideal for large-scale manufacturing, reducing production time and increasing productivity.The entire cutting process is carried out by means of a laser machine controller on paper and cardboard, this eliminates the human factor, possible errors and guarantees the identity of products in mass production.

Furthermore, laser cutting is a non-contact cutting method, which means there is no physical contact with the material. This minimizes the risk of damage or distortion to delicate paper or cardboard materials, ensuring the integrity of the final products.

Which laser machine for paper and cardboard to choose

Cutting cardboard and paper with a laser is not the most difficult task, especially if it is performed on a good CO2 laser machine. The components of the machine affect the quality and speed of cutting, vibration damping from inertial loads and the durability of the equipment itself.

In addition to the main indicators, such as the size of the working table and the power of the laser machine, it is necessary to take into account the presence or absence of certain functions in order to choose the ones you need and not overpay for the extra ones.

Laser machines are capable of processing almost any kind of paper and cardboard, the main thing is to choose the right model for your tasks. If you need help in choosing, please contact us at any time

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