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Fabric Laser cutting machine SCU1610

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Fabric Laser cutting machine SCU1610

The ARGUS SCU1610 laser cutting machine is one of the most representative intelligent garment-making machines in the processing of garment fabrics. With its innovative intelligence, high precision, no contact, no rough edges and the ability to cut any complex shape, it has replaced many traditional processing machines and given garment design more fashionable.

Functional features:

◆ Can Replace 7-8 workers

◆ Fabric Automatic Roll to Roll Loading

◆ Automatic Vision Recognition Software

◆High accuracy for different fabric cutting

photobank (4)

The vision laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting flexible fabrics such as fabric, wool and leather. It is able to cut along the line for fabrics and garment fabrics that have been woven and embroidered, i.e. using the precise positioning of the laser to cut along the edges of the fabric with pre-defined graphics, which can be cut automatically and repeatedly under the control of an automated software system, such as the cutting and hollowing of sportswear, yoga wear, swimwear, dresses and other garments. With its efficient and flexible visual positioning processing advantages, it is widely used in the cutting of flexible materials and has become an essential tool for flexible fabric processors such as garment manufacturers.



Applique is a beautiful landscape on the clothing. Applique decorated on the clothing fabric, can fully show its fashionable and beautiful side. It is one of the clothing fashion industry which is very popular techniques. Clothing in its embellishment also looks particularly fashionable and eye-catching!

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