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Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine with Handheld Cleaning Head for Metal Rust Removing

Laser cleaning machine has the advantages of easy to control, easy automatic integration, no chemical reagents, suitable surface cleaning, high cleaning cleanliness and high accuracy, efficient and environmental protection, safe and reliable, almost no damge substrate surface, which can solve a variety of problems that cannot be solved by traditional cleaning. Including metal rust, metal particles, dust, etc., the application effects include: rust removal, paint peeling, oil removal, cultural relics repair, glue removal, decoating, decoating.

  • SLC1000/1500/2000


清洗机海报 (2)photobank (3)

photobank (4)

Technical parameters
Equipment model Fiber laser cleaning machine
Laser power 1000W 1500W 2000W
Laser Type continuous
Laser wavelength 1070nm
Cooling mode  water cooling
Cooling water type Purified water / laser special antifreeze / alcohol + water
Working water temperature 18-35 ºC (Reference range)
Cleaning head weight After paragraph 1.2KG (2020)
Operating Machine Weight 160KG
Complete power ≤ 3000W
Scan width 10-120mm
Operating temperature 15ºC-55ºC
Optional options Handheld / Automation/ Non-standard customization

Comparison of the cleaning scheme



Contrison items

Chemical cleaning

Mechanical grinding

Dry ice cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning

Laser cleaning

Cleaning mode


Chemical cleaning agent

Mechanical /

sandpaper, contact


Dry ice,

noncontact type


agent, contact type

Laser, contactless

Workpiece damage



No damage

No damage

No damage

Cleaning efficiency


Low level


Low level





High level

Cleaning effect

Generally, the uneven

Generally, the uneven




with a small clean


Very good,

high cleanliness

Cleaning accuracy

Uncontrollable, with poor accuracy

Uncontrollable, with general accuracy

Uncontrollable, with poor



range of cleaning

Accurate and

controllable, with high precision

Safety / Environmental protection

Severe chemical pollution

Environmental pollution

No pollution

No pollution

No pollution

Manual operation

Complex procedures requires high requirements and protective


High physical strength and required safety protection measures

Simple to operate, handheld or automated

Simple to operate, but requires manual addition of consumables

Simple to operate, handheld or integrated automation


Chemical cleaning agent

Sandpaper, sand wheel, tartar


Dry ice


Special cleaning fluid

Power power supply

Cost input

Low first- time investment and extremely high consumables


High first investment and high labor cost of   consumables

Medium initial investment, high consumables cost

Low initial input, moderate consumables cost

High first- time  investment, no consumables, and low maintenance cost

Raycus Generator 1000w

1000w laser generator with air cooling, we have different laser generator brand and different laser power can be chosen.

WXS laser cleaning head

Through the connection with the laser, through the completely sealed optical channel in the cavity, an energy spot is formed


The laser generator is cooled by water circulation, and the temperature of the laser generator is accurately controlled, so that
the laser generator can maintain normal operation for a long time

Control System

supports Chinese and English, and language settings can also be made according to your needs. The machine has complete working buttons, which makes the operation more convenient and safer.

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