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Folding Super Paper Laser Hollower

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Folding Super Paper Laser Hollower

Folding Super Paper Laser Hollower

The art of hollowing out has a long history and is very expressive in traditional Chinese art. With the development of the laser industry, hollow elements are integrated with laser technology to represent various hollow handicrafts full of unique effects.

The super laser marking machine SCM2000 adopts laser thermal effect to perform non-contact burning and etching on various non-metals. It is specially designed for high-precision engraving and hollowing out of large-format materials. The marking speed is faster with higher engraving accuracy and delicacy. Obviously; the equipment is easy to operate and has stable performance.The paper marking machine can provide customized products services, high efficiency, clear edge with Maximum speed up to 2000mm/s and optional power 250W or 350W.

Wuhan Sunic folding super paper laser hollower is suitable for engraving, cutting and hollowing out of various paper materials and PET materials such as greeting cards, New Year pictures, wedding invitations, moon cake boxes, sugar boxes, paper-cuts, 3D paper carving lights, invitations, cake borders, painting templates and other paper materials.

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