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Hollowed-out shoe uppers - a new use of laser equipment

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Hollowed-out shoe uppers - a new use of laser equipment

In the past, shoes were a tool for people to protect their feet from injury. To today's rapid economic development, shoes are not only a tool to protect the feet, but also a symbol of people's fashion and status, and the requirements for shoes are becoming more and more diversified. There are various classifications of shoes, such as leather shoes, sports shoes, outdoor shoes, high heels, travel shoes, straw shoes, cloth shoes, rolled leather shoes, slippers and cotton slippers


The advantage of laser processing on shoe uppers is that various patterns can be engraved and hollowed out quickly on the surface of various upper materials. It has many advantages such as high engraving accuracy, hollowing without raw edges and the ability to process any shape.

ARGUS SCM-2000 adopts high power laser and high speed drive system, with high motor load capacity, better heat dissipation and stronger drive capacity, which can achieve better and finer beam quality and high speed scanning effect, not only will not produce external deformation, hollowing without burr, but also can engrave finer lines and better uniformity, which greatly reduces process time and improves work efficiency and processing output

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