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How 3d wood engraving can set your laser projects apart?

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How 3d wood engraving can set your laser projects apart?

When done perfectly, the 3D wood engraving technique can create astonishing results and make your laser projects stand out. 3D wood engraving has several advantages over conventional surface engraving techniques.

3D laser engraving can be used on almost every type of wood and can engrave wood with more depth. Those are the reasons why most engraving companies prefer to use the laser engraving method to create 3D wood marking and signage.

More Options with 3D Wood Engraving


Using the 3D wood engraving technique, you get endless options to customise your design as per your preferences. You can create different signage, marks, or something unique of your own. You can explore your creativity to better extents with 3D laser engraving.

Here are a few examples of projects that you can create using the 3D wood engraving technique;

Signage and Decor

3D laser engraved style doesn’t have sharp lines and perplexing accuracy. These style things include a more provincial quality. This one nearly shows up as though it could've been finished manually.

Creative Patterns

Lasers depend on grayscale to make the shifting profundities of a 3D wood engraving. Light dim prompts shallow engraving, while dark greys lead to more profound engraving.

How is 3D laser Wood Engraving Better?

Surface engraving is a method for stamping or engraving materials, and it depends on a lighter wattage. 3D engraving is a method for placing profundity into the wood, and it requires higher wattages and a lot of force.

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