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How to Choose the Right Type of Laser Cutting for your business

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How to Choose the Right Type of Laser Cutting for your business

Choosing the right laser cutting type for your manufacturing project can be tricky. It’s best to consult a sheet metal fabrication company first because multiple factors can determine the best method. Material properties, lead times, tolerances, and other concerns are essential to getting precision results.

Prepare for a detailed discussion about your project goals and budget objectives.

#1. The Material List

Determine which materials you need to complete the order. Then find out which processes work best for your design. Engineers may have to create a tailored strategy for custom metal parts.

#2. The Cutting Speed

Your metal fabrication shop should know how fast to cut metals to produce a specific outcome. However, many factors could alter the process, so prepare for minor changes to the plan.

#3. The Maintenance Costs

Consider how much it will cost to produce the metal components required. Some laser cutting services cost more than others, but you can’t cut corners and expect excellent results.

Laser Cutting Machine Types

Metal fabrication typically involves one of the following laser cutting machine types:

#1. Rotary

Rotary laser cutting consists of slicing steel pipes and tubes. Operators frequently use it instead of sawing or milling metals because it significantly reduces production costs and eliminates waste. Rotary lasers are also perfect for fabricating round, elliptical, rectangular, or D-type workpieces.

#2. Robotic

Robotic laser cutting uses advanced 3D technology to fabricate metal parts. It can also enhance material flexibility and provide optimal power control. Moreover, operators can access and monitor this process from anywhere in the shop, helping to further reduce lead times and production costs.

#3. Small Format

Small format laser cutting works best with soft metals and nonmetals. It uses an adjustable 3-axis laser to cut through thick workpieces without sacrificing accuracy. Operators can tweak the height and width to produce high-quality metal parts ahead of schedule.

#4. Large Format

A large-format metal laser cutting machine can render two-dimensional profiles on a massive scale. These high-quality sheet metal fabrication rigs are preferred for highly regulated industries, such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and agricultural.

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