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How to Laser Cut a Jigsaw Puzzle with a Laser Cutter

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How to Laser Cut a Jigsaw Puzzle with a Laser Cutter

Several types of wood are suitable for cutting into puzzle pieces. Here are a few commonly used woods for laser-cutting jigsaw puzzles:

Plywood: Plywood is a popular choice for laser-cut puzzles. It is available in different thicknesses and is generally easy to cut. Baltic birch plywood is often recommended due to its smooth and consistent surface.

MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard): MDF is a composite wood product made from wood fibers and resin. It has a smooth and uniform surface, making it ideal for laser cutting intricate puzzle pieces.

Hardwood: Various hardwoods, such as maple, oak, walnut, cherry, and mahogany, can be used for puzzles. Hardwoods are durable and provide an attractive finished look. However, they may be more challenging to cut compared to plywood or MDF due to their density.

When selecting wood for cutting jigsaw puzzle pieces, it's essential to consider the thickness and quality of the material. Thinner materials like 1/8" (3mm) or 1/4" (6mm) thickness are commonly used for puzzle pieces. Additionally, ensure that the wood is free of knots and imperfections that could impact the puzzle's integrity.

Advantages of Laser-Cut Puzzles:

  • Precision: Laser cutting provides high precision and accuracy, allowing for intricate designs and accurately fitting puzzle pieces. This results in jigsaw puzzles with clean edges and smooth interlocking tabs and slots.

  • Customisation: Laser cutting allows for the creation of custom jigsaw puzzle designs. Whether you want a personalised photo jigsaw or a unique shape, laser cutting offers endless design possibilities.

  • Efficiency: Laser cutting is a fast and efficient process that can produce jigsaw puzzles in less time than traditional methods. This makes it suitable for both small and large scale jigsaw puzzle production.

  • Reproducibility: Laser cutting ensures consistent and uniform cuts, making it easier to accurately replicate jigsaw puzzles. This is particularly important for jigsaw manufacturers who wish to produce multiples of the same design.

To laser cut a jigsaw puzzle with a laser cutter, you can follow these steps:

Design the Puzzle: Using design software or a vector graphics editor, create the puzzle pattern. Each puzzle piece should have unique interlocking tabs and slots to ensure the pieces fit together correctly. You can create a custom design or use existing puzzle templates available online.

Material Selection: Choose a suitable material for your puzzle, such as plywood, acrylic, or cardboard. Ensure that the material is compatible with laser cutting and can be cut cleanly without charring or melting.

Prepare the Laser Cutter: Make sure you have access to a laser cutter and the necessary safety equipment. Prepare the laser cutter by setting the appropriate power and speed settings based on the material you're using. Refer to the laser cutter's user manual for specific instructions.

Import and Set up the Design: Import your puzzle design into the laser cutter's software. Adjust the size and orientation of the design as needed. Ensure that the puzzle pieces fit within the laser cutter's cutting area.

Test and Adjust: Before cutting the entire puzzle, it's best to perform a test cut on a small piece of material to determine if the settings are correct. Make any necessary adjustments to the power, speed, and focus of the laser cutter to achieve the desired cut quality.

Start Laser Cutting: Once you are satisfied with the test cut, load the material into the laser cutter and securely fasten it in place. Start the laser cutting process, and the laser cutter will cut out the puzzle pieces based on the design. Be sure to follow all safety guidelines when operating the laser cutter.

Remove and Assemble the Puzzle: After the laser cutting is complete, carefully remove the puzzle pieces from the cutting bed. Clean off any excess debris or residue. Assemble the puzzle by interlocking the pieces together using their tabs and slots. You can choose to leave the puzzle as is or add a finish or sealant for protection and aesthetics.


Applications of laser cut jigsaw puzzles:

  • Personalised gifts: Laser cut puzzles can be personalised with photos, messages or designs, making them a thoughtful and unique gift for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or weddings.

  • Educational jigsaw puzzles: Laser cut jigsaw puzzles can be used for educational purposes such as teaching shapes, letters, numbers or landmarks. These puzzles can be tailored to different age groups and learning objectives.

  • Art and decoration: Laser cut jigsaw puzzles can be transformed into beautiful pieces of art or decorative items. Intricate patterns, landscapes or abstract designs can be created as jigsaw puzzles and displayed as eye-catching decor.

  • Promotional items: Laser cut jigsaw puzzles can be used as promotional items for companies or events. Customised jigsaw puzzles with company logos or event themes can be used as appealing giveaways or marketing tools.

  • Entertainment and Games: Laser cut jigsaw puzzles provide hours of entertainment and challenge. They can be designed as traditional jigsaw puzzles or innovative puzzle games that offer unique gaming experiences.

These are just a few examples of the benefits and applications of laser cut puzzles. The versatility and precision of laser cutting technology make it a popular choice for puzzle makers and enthusiasts alike.

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