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How to engraving LOGO on the Metal Pen

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How to engraving LOGO on the Metal Pen

Nowadays, people like to engrave on pens more and more. Engraving your name or logo on the pen can not only add a bit of color to the appearance, but also don’t have to worry about the embarrassment of hitting the pen with others, which is used to send friends. It can express the sincere friendship between friends.

The laser marking/engraving machine can print marks on any regular or irregular surface, and the work piece will not produce internal stress after marking, which ensures the original accuracy of the work piece.

It does not corrode the working surface, and there is no wear, poisoning and pollution. The marking of laser marking machine is clear, durable and beautiful.

The carved objects have fine patterns, and the minimum line width can reach 0.04 mm. Moreover, a large amount of data can be printed on very small plastic parts. The processing efficiency is high and the marking speed is fast; the laser beam under computer control can move at a high speed (speed up to 5-7 m/s), and the marking process can be completed in a few seconds.

The laser marking machine can engrave LOGO trademarks, patterns, text, scales, QR codes, serial numbers, symbols, anti-counterfeiting codes, codes, barcodes, etc. on pens, metals, stainless steel, aluminum alloys and other products. This processing method has been It is widely used in various industries.

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