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  • 2021-08-05

    [Industry News] Future advantages of fiber laser marking machines

    Fiber laser marking machines are attractive for many people, but they will worry about whether it is long-term practical. Then, let's introduce in detail the future advantages of fiber laser marking machines? Here is the content list:l Main advantagesl Other advantagesl Advantages Analysis Main adva

  • 2021-07-12

    [Industry News] Why do you need marble granite laser engraving machines?

    In recent years, the application of laser technology to shadow carving on slate has become more and more mature and has been widely used. The principle is to etch the stone with high laser beam energy, and realize the production of stone products according to the graphics and engraving parameters pr

  • 2021-07-10

    [Industry News] Why can you buy our company's Fabric laser cutting machines?

    Why can you buy our company's Fabric laser cutting machines?The application of laser processing technology on clothing fabrics can enhance the originality of clothing design, as well as enhance brand recognition for clothing brands. Therefore, fabric laser cutting machines are a kind of product that

  • 2021-07-08

    [Industry News] What is roll to roll fabric laser printing?

    With the improvement of productivity and people's quality of life, the demand for clothing has gradually increased. Therefore, the traditional method of processing fabrics has been difficult to meet the increasing market demand. The use of laser marking and laser cutting methods to process fabrics i

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