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Jeans laser engraving, deduces new trend of denim

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Jeans laser engraving, deduces new trend of denim

From the 19th century to the present, no matter how the fashion trend flows, only denim has lasted for a long time. The combination of laser technology and denim with centuries-old culture gives the denim a new visual feast and popular theme, creating a variety of styles and unconventional denim style.


The laser beam draws a pattern on the surface of the denim as if it were painted on a sheet of blank paper, drawing the color of the blue sea and the blue sky as a pigment. Indigo, gray-blue, and azure, interwoven with different shades of blue. Whether it’s fashion avant-garde or youthful and lively denim style, the denim laser wash machine can be easily interpreted.


The laser process achieves a natural transition and fine texture printing effect, and is decorated with plain and simple denim, which brings vivid color contrast and uniqueness, and ingeniously conveys the color relationship between printing and denim.



The heavy pollution and complicated traditional jeans processing technology has become a thing of the past, followed by advanced environmentally friendly denim laser washing machine. Laser denim engraving greatly reduces pollutant emissions and conforms to the current development trend of the green economy.


The laser process acts on the denim fabric, which subverts the inherent cognition of traditional denim clothing, and also provides an imaginative space for denim clothing design, which makes the color, texture and presentation of denim clothing gradually enriched. Denim laser washing machine, is writing a new chapter in denim fashion.


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