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Today’s technology enables sophisticated metalworking processes, whether cutting, welding or other operations. One of the most modern processing methods, in other words, metal cutting methods, is laser metal cutting.

Laser metal cutting– application and benefits

Due to its high precision, laser cutting has been used in many branches of the industry, some of which are metallurgy, electronics, shipbuilding etc.

Laser metal cutting offers many benefits, and some of them are the following:

low heat input on metal

small deformation of the metal

high speed

high quality cut





Laser cutting is a thermal process that starts by heating and focusing laser beam (density ranges around 104 Wmm-2) in combination with gas (active or inert). The laser beam melts metal that is being sliced, and gas with its current eliminates the liquefied metal. Laser metal cutting begins by drilling a hole in the metal, and hole drilling can take up to 15 seconds depending on the thickness of the metal. The laser beam applied during the laser cutting process is parallel to a thickness of 1.5 to 12.5 mm.

Laser metal cutting has several parameters that can be changed, and one of the most important is impulse, that is, continuous beam. Peak power at impulse laser cutting or average power at continuous laser cutting determines penetration. Continuous beam is applied to smooth and thicker material, while impulse beam is used for precise cutting. Comparison of the continuous and the impulse beam cuts can be seen in the photo.

One of the most modern methods of machine metal cutting is laser metal cutting.

The price of laser metal cutting depends on the specific requirements, ie, on the type, the quality and the thickness of the material being cut.

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